Best Wireless Charger: Best to Buy

In this constantly updated buying guide, we collect the best wireless chargers currently available on the market, also known as Qi wireless charger or wireless charger pad or fast wireless charger. These are very useful devices for those who want a minimal location and want to get rid of cables and adapters. If you are in the office or need to work comfortably on the phone by repeatedly taking it off for a few seconds to charge it is certainly the ideal solution.

Cable or Wireless Charging?

The mistrust of wireless charging is often due to the fact that the mechanisms at its base are ignored. If the cable carries electric current directly, wireless charging uses coils and the induction phenomenon.

If there is one thing that can leave you disappointed, that is undoubtedly the charge speed that turns out to be about 25% slower even with advanced smartphone models and with extremely sophisticated charging bases. Although important achievements and significant improvements have been achieved over the years, it is important to underline that traditional top-ups have also evolved. Thinking of fast wireless charger technologies such as those used by Samsung, Huawei or OnePlus suggests that it is worthwhile sacrificing the convenience of a wireless charger for a few tens of minutes when a smartphone can recharge half, or a little more, with traditional charging.

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Best Wireless Charger: Our selection

It is worth considering more closely some of the wireless charger for iPhone and Android that stand out for their performance and value for money.


[amazon box=”B01KJL4XNY” /] [amazon box=”B07DBX67NC” /] [amazon box=”B07DBXZZN3″ /] [amazon box=”B07DBXNV58″ /]

A slim wireless charge base, discreet with a sober design and minimal appearance. Important features that do not, however, overshadow the 10W of maximum power achievable if powered with a charger compatible with the Quick Charge.

Anker product with no flashy or annoying LED notification. A minimal design, worthy to note but perhaps a little too sacrificed power consider the current capacity of smartphones. With just 5W, it is able to reduce the charging time of an iPhone by over 30 minutes, according to the manufacturer. The presence of overheating protection is important and not to be underestimated, not all products are present.

Bestand Qi Wireless Charger

[amazon box=”B07DG3YPGT” /] [amazon box=”B075WWFMFV” /] [amazon box=”B078K829PW” /]

Different, but certainly not less efficient. The two-coil design allows for more precise recharging than the competition by positioning the device both vertically and horizontally. It supports fast charging for all compatible devices including iPhone x wireless charger, therefore that can fully benefit from 10W of power.


[amazon box=”B07CN5Y6W4″ /] [amazon box=”B07L2M64D3″ /] [amazon box=”B079NZ1JN2″ /] [amazon box=”B07WD4784J” /] [amazon box=”B079C1QLCR” /]

RAVPower surpasses the competition by offering the wireless charger for iPhone 11 with a maximum power of 15W. An interesting fact that accelerates the recharge of compatible devices and allows the decidedly questionable aesthetics to pass unnoticed. There is no shortage of protection against overheating and power surges to protect the smartphone


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Famous for the number of tech products, Spigen has several proposals. Its phone chargers wireless bases, with different design and cost, guarantee 10W power if powered by a charger compatible with the Quick Charge. Specifically, the wireless charger for the iPhone is able to supply as much as 15W of power and has the right power supply inside the package.


[amazon box=”B00C40OG22″ /] [amazon box=”B07CSQ3MZ6″ /] [amazon box=”B07D2CWBS1″ /] [amazon box=”B010B6PSMC” /]

A product with an affordable price and high quality. The Chotech iPhone wireless charger provides a maximum of 10W power and is ideal for recharging any kind of device with smart or fast charging. It is available in different colors and despite its reduced thickness, it does not lack protection systems against overheating and power surges.

Best-selling Wireless Phone Charger of the moment

At the end of our guide, it might be useful to know the opinions, opinions, and reviews of those who have already experienced it. So let’s see the best iPhone wireless chargers that has gained a position in the top 10 bestsellers of the Jeff Bezos store.

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