Best Studio Monitors Under $500

With a computer and an audio interfaces, the foundation for a compact studio is as good as laid. A DAW is also available free of charge (if necessary), the only thing missing is a good pair of best studio monitors monitoring. In this best studio monitors under the $500 buying guide, we want to show you studio monitor speakers that cost a maximum of 500 bucks per pair and perform well.

Best Studio Monitors Under $500

Best Studio Monitors Under $500

As with many things in the audio field, there are enough steep templates for discussions with monitors. The thing is actually clear: A good monitor audio speakers helps to make the right decisions when mixing and to make the result sound good in as many playback situations as possible – regardless of whether on the speakers of the smartphone or large PA systems. For this purpose, the monitors in the studio should deliver a linear sound image as far as possible and also realistically represent transients, stereo image, and depth gradation.

In addition to the technical limits, there is another decisive factor that complicates things: the room in which the studio monitor models are located must be acoustically optimized. And hearing itself can also be a very individual matter, which is determined not only by ability but also by personal taste.

That’s why it’s difficult to show the best studio monitors. In any case, the studio monitor audio speakers presented here are recommendations that we can give with a clear conscience. If you are interested in a model, you should search for reviews and see if this monitor is right for you. The loudspeakers often belong to a series that have larger or smaller woofers, offers other power reserves, or comes in different colors. Again, a comparison is worthwhile.

And one more thing: If you purchase through the affiliate links here, we will get a small credit for it. That helps fund Techtoyreviews. If you think that a certain model is missing or maybe doesn’t belong here, you are invited to write a comment. And now back to our best studio monitors under the $500 buying guide recommendations:

Best Studio Monitors Under $500

Mackie CR5-X BT

Best Studio Monitors Under $500

You get the Mackie CR5-X BT for a very reasonable pair price. These studio monitor speakers are well suited as a second, alternative monitor or as a multimedia monitor. There are jack, cinch, and aux (with 3.5 mm stereo jack) connections – Mackie does not use XLR here. However, you get Bluetooth for that, which is not common with studio monitors. If you are looking for cheap and compact desktop monitors for editing podcasts, cutting videos, or listening to music.

Mackie CR5-X BT costs $229.99 / £177 and can be purchased through the,, and online retailers.

PreSonus Eris E5

Best Studio Monitors Under $500

A little over $250 for a pair of studio monitor speakers that also convinces in terms of sound – the PreSonus Eris E5 fulfills this. A functional design characterizes the optics, transparent sound the tonal properties. A few settings can be made to adapt to the room. In addition to XLR and jack, the cinch is also available as inputs. The E5 performs even better than the larger E8. The Eris E5 XT offers a slightly extended bass range, and a larger sweet spot when listening.

PreSonus Eris E5 costs $269.90 / £99.99 (single) and can be purchased through the,, and online retailers.

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor

Best Studio Monitors Under $500

These mini-monitors are also great for use as flexible speakers at the computer workstation. There is only a mini-jack and cinch on the input side, but transmission via Bluetooth is also possible. Despite the small dimensions, there is still a relatively powerful bass – the sound always remains neutral. Perhaps not the first choice as a studio monitor, but very well suited as a second system and “PC speakers for musicians”.

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor costs $349.99 / £219 and can be purchased through the,, and online retailers.

Fluid Audio FX50

Best Studio Monitors Under $500

You get coaxial speakers with this 2-way studio monitor. That means that the speakers are positioned on the same acoustic axis, which according to the manufacturer ensures particularly good stereo imaging. With connections for XLR, jack, and cinch you are well equipped for all cases, EQ settings on the back ensure room adjustments. Some users report a slight background noise, but apart from that, this monitor gets a lot of praise.

Fluid Audio FX50 costs $149 (single) and can be purchased through the and online retailers.

Tannoy Reveal 802

Reveal 802 is characterized by a very good price-performance ratio. The connections are XLR, a 6.35 mm jack, and an additional aux input for a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack. With 42 Hz to 43 kHz, the frequency response can absolutely be “listened to”. Other extras include the active crossover filter and the adjustable EQ for room adjustments.

Tannoy Reveal 802 costs $199 (single) / £144.39 (single) and can be purchased through and online retailers.

Kali Audio LP-6 2nd Wave

The Californian manufacturer Kali Audio delivers the best studio monitors at very reasonable prices. The LP-6 2nd Wave also offers great value for money and convinces with a good sound, decent bass reproduction, and harmonious workmanship. The fact that there are cinch, XLR, and jack connections is another plus point. DIP switches can be used to make additional adjustments to the room. In contrast to the previous model, a few details have been improved, the internal Class D amplifier now produces significantly less inherent noise. The monitor is also available in two color variants.

Kali Audio LP-6 2nd Wave costs $199 (single) / £190.36 (single) and can be purchased through the and online retailers.


The previous models were already praised for the sound properties measured against the price, with the MKII version JBL going one better. Super bass response, flat frequency response, and great stereo width make the 306P MKII a good candidate for studio work. If a 5-inch woofer is sufficient, the 305P MKII (approx. $150 at Amazon) is a bit cheaper – or you can go a little further and get an 8-inch woofer with the 308P MKII (approx. $225 at Amazon). All three variants have XLR and jack connections and offer options for room adaptation.

JBL 306P MKII costs $189 (single), $374.99 (pair) / £593.94 (pair), and can be purchased through,, and online retailers.

Adam T7V

The T7V also contains the manufacturer’s special ART tweeters (Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter), which ensure particularly successful reproduction of the highs. But the other features are also right considering the low purchase price. Room adjustments can be made on the back, in addition to XLR, the speaker also offers a cinch input.

Adam T7V costs $274.99 (single) / £188.99 (single) and can be purchased through,, and online retailers.

KRK Rokit RP7 G4

Due to the yellow membranes, the KRK monitors have a high recognition value, and you have certainly seen the manufacturer’s loudspeakers in one or the other studio. The Rokit series is already in its fourth generation and offers features that are rather unusual for other manufacturers in this price range. It includes the DSP-controlled room adjustment via a display including presets and app support for the operation. Some say the speakers have a slight hiss, and the cheaper RP5 G4 (approx. $378 for pair at Amazon) makes a more consistent impression in terms of balance. If you produce electronic music, you will definitely have a lot of fun with these speakers.

KRK Rokit RP7 G4 costs $215.10 (single) / £375 (pair) and can be purchased through,, and online retailers.

Focal Alpha 50 Evo

This Focal monitor promises a neutral sound without distortion and convincing dynamic reproduction. Two Class D amplifiers ensure this, and room adjustments can be made via two shelving EQs. The housing with the rounded corners is made of 15 mm thick MDF, the bass reflex design should ensure good integration even in small and cramped rooms. Compared to the previous model, there is an additional 6.35 mm jack input in addition to XLR and cinch.

Focal Alpha 50 Evo costs $359 (single) / £235 (single) and can be purchased through,, and online retailers.

Yamaha HS7

Similar to KRK, Yamaha also relies on an unmistakable look – here with the white membrane. The famous NS-10 was practically a standard in studios for a long time, but not because of particularly “good” properties. “What sounds good here sounds good everywhere else” – that was the reputation of the passive NS-10. With the HS series, Yamaha wants to build on this, but only with the most positive features possible. Neutral sound, good bass reproduction, and a low price speak for the HS7, a few more bucks for the HS8 (approx. $750 for pair on Amazon) is also a recommendation. XLR and jack are available as inputs, plus there are (minimal) options for room adaptation.

Yamaha HS7 $329.99 (single) / £172.74 (single) and can be purchased through,, and online retailers.

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