Best Over Ear Headphones: Buy in 2019

Techtoyreviews has been preparing several buying guides to help you choose your next interesting electronics devices to buy. Of course, we could not forget the headphones. If you don’t like the in-ear earphones that are inserted into the ear, here we list the best over ear headphones (the models that completely cover the ears).

Keep in mind that these headphones are usually big and very attention-grabbing, and are most recommended for use at home. They also tend to have a higher price tag than on-ear ones.

Our list seeks to bring more affordable models that only deliver good sound, as well as more robust models that bring more advanced noise canceling technologies and professional sound quality.

The models will be organized by price, but we will make clear the highlight of each and the advantages of investing in a more expensive model. As prices change frequently, the products listed will not always be sorted by price perfectly.

Edifier H840

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Looking for a cheap over ear headphones that fit music, games and even more professional use? The Edifier H840 tries to fit all scenarios.

Being a low-cost headset, its build quality is not very good and the cable has a certain fragility. Be very careful to make the H840 last.

The sound quality delivered is very good for the price you pay for it. Your audio is not quite balanced like other options in our guide. Its highlight is the strong bass and clear treble, leaving the midrange lost.

It really is a headset that can be used for music or games without compromising on quality. Soundproofing and audio leakage are not among the best, but for the price, it was expected.

Pioneer SE-MS5T

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If you are looking for a more neutral sound than the models we mentioned. The SE-MS5T is a good choice for anyone who is not a fan of exaggerated bass.

It features greater comfort than the model listed above and tends to leak less sound than other over-ear headphones in this price range.

This model received the Hi-Res Audio, as Sony likes to boast on its most expensive headphones. This means that it has a wider dynamic range, even though some experts argue that it makes no difference.

Either way, the SE-MS5T is a great headset choice for under $100, especially for those who prefer a more neutral sound that causes less fatigue than bass-heavy headphones.


[amazon box=”B01AIO8XVA” /]

The K92 is an AKG headphone very similar to the K72, which delivers great sound and build quality at the price the brand asks for in it. The K92 goes even further and outperforms it by delivering the best over ear headphones option on the market for those who don’t want to spend a lot.

Sound quality has always been a highlight on AKG headphones and the K92 is no exception to this rule. The delivered sound is well balanced between bass, midrange, and treble. You can notice every detail of the instruments and the nuances in the voices.

It is comfortable and does not slip easily from the head. The build quality with gold accents catches everyone’s eyes and the price is also affordable.

The K92 headset is the model on our list that delivers the best balance between sound performance, comfort, and price.

Logitech G433

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Gaming headphones aren’t usually good for music, but that’s not the case with the G433, it can deliver the best of both worlds.

Its build quality is good for its price and delivers great comfort with its wide fabric cushions. It has a detachable cable, and it comes with adapters to plug into various types of equipment.

The sound is delivered balanced bass, near-perfect midrange, and treble with good clarity. Its level of distortion is also quite low, which is surprised by the type of product. The microphone is also another highlight on the G433.

The negative points are for poor sound insulation and loud sound leakage. If you are playing around with other people they will be bothered by the noise of gunfire and explosions in more frantic games.

Sony MDR-7506

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Sony also invests in professional headphones for those looking to use them as a DJ or in the studio. The MDR-7506 is not an ordinary model looking for a good over-ear headphones to use with the smartphone.

This does not prevent you from using your home with various types of sound equipment. It delivers great comfort despite the inferior build quality of the Audio-Technica models listed below.

The sound part is its highlight, it delivers strong and intense bass, but without overlapping frequencies. The mids are quite light while the treble is good.

The level of distortion and sound leakage is low for a headset in this price range. Just the soundproofing that is not the best.

Koss QZ-Pro

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If you are looking for a good sound stage headset to listen to each separate musical instrument without spending a fortune on professional models, then Koss QZ-Pro will please you.

Its build quality is good for the price you find it. It also delivers decent comfort, but the controls on the cable are not very practical.

The sound quality is not a highlight. If you are looking for strong bass or clarity, there are more interesting options in our guide.

Soundproofing is just OK, but the sound leak is quite low, making it among the best we listed.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40X

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Below you will find the M50X on our list. It delivers great sound quality for those who are discerning who want to hear every note in detail, but it costs over $100.

If you are looking for a nearly as good option at a more affordable price, the M40X is not far behind in quality. The build material is the same between the two as is the level of comfort.

The M40X has balanced sound with long bass, midrange, and great treble. However, it distorts more when the volume is at maximum compared to the most expensive model.

The sound insulation is average and the sound leak is only slightly worse than the M50X. Overall, the ATH-M40X delivers the best value for money if you consider the price.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

[amazon box=”B00HVLUR86″ /]

The ATH-M50X is the best over ear headphones in our list. It delivers great build quality and is quite comfortable. It comes with three different cables for every type of need.

Its highlight is the sound part, it features strong and intense bass, neutral midrange and well-balanced treble. And even if you full the volume, audio distortion is minimal.

The soundproofing is lower than others in our guide, but the sound leak is low. This prevents people near you from being bothered by the noise of the music.

If you want a full-featured headset, this model is not right for you. But if you want the best sound quality at around $100, you can go without fear on the ATH-M50X.

Sennheiser HD 598

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A good alternative to Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50X is Sennheiser’s HDR 598. It is one of the few on our list with open-type architecture and is best for studio use.

Your comfort level is among the best on our list, thanks to the wide velvet cushions that completely cover the wearer’s ears. Its build quality is not as neat as the Audio-Technica model, but it does not disappoint.

The sound part is also featured in this model. It has very good bass, great midrange, and great treble. Its focus is on playing well each instrument in the song.

And because it is an open earphone, it lets out more sound than the rest of our guide. Insulation is also bad, so using it in noisy places will be impractical.

Best selling Over Ear Headphones of the moment

At the end our selection of Best Over Ear Headphones to buy in 2019, we show you a list of the best selling (and appreciated) on Amazon, who knows from there perhaps already manage to find what works for you.

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