Best Monitors for Photography and Video Work: Which One Should I Buy

In post-production work, a great screen can really make a difference. Let us guide you in this difficult choice.

Best Monitors for Photography and Video Work

If your work forces you to frequently use a PC, especially on a graphics level, we are sure that you are not among the people who are content with a mediocre screen. Whether you are a photographer or you have to shoot video, the greatest need is for images reproduced on your computer to be as faithful to reality as possible.

Precisely for this reason today we will analyze the best monitors for photography and video work, so as to give you a choice in this chaotic market. Just as your equipment must be able to capture the scene in the best way, even the screen you intend to use must do the same thing. Of course, this means putting the cheaper models aside. But take it as an investment in your future.

Best Monitors for Photography and Video Work: Parameters of Choices

When selecting a monitor for photography and video work, the selection must be particularly strict. Otherwise, the risk is that you find yourself with a product that goes to make your work worse. Precisely for this reason in the next lines, we will propose some essential features in the choice of a screen suitable for your purpose.

Dimensions: Dimensions are a very subjective factor. Of course, the screen is bigger, the more details you can capture during image processing. Our advice never goes to below 24-inches if you use it in the workplace. In case of ample space available, you can climb up to 32-inch models.

Aspect ratio: There are different types of screen aspect ratio. The most comfortable to use in photography is undoubtedly the 16:10, which maintains the natural relationship of the shots and allows you to easily use the programs for post-production.

Viewing angle: This feature is nothing more than the viewing angle of the monitor. The more the image remains faithful as you move sideways, the greater it’s value. This allows you to capture all the nuances of a shot from any angle you look at the screen.

Color fidelity and depth: A digital image will never have absolute color fidelity. This is why it is essential that the colors reproduced are as similar as possible to the originals. This is evaluated with the sRGB range, which should never be less than 95% in a quality monitor. The same is true for the color depth, which must be 10bit to be high enough.

Resolution: Is given by the number of pixels that make up the screen. For monitors up to 27-inches, the Full HD can be more than enough. However, as the diagonal increases, a growth of the resolution should correspond. The most suitable screen for photography and video is 4K.

Brightness: This feature does not need too many presentations. It is essential to know that a good LCD should never supply values below 300cd/m².

Contrast: It is defined as the ability to express a grayscale that goes from white to black in an optimal way. Although it is not a key feature in photography, having deep blacks can always be aesthetically pleasing.

Response time: Expressed in ms, indicates the time a pixel takes turning it on and off. Very important if you work in the video sector, if the response time is high you will notice little trails during the playback of the movies.

After this brief clarification, it is time to move to the heart of our article. In the next paragraphs, we will show you the best monitors for photography and video work.

Dell U2415

If you want to choose a monitor for photography that does not cost a lot, but has good features, Dell has put in place the right solution for you. Integrates a 24-inch screen with edge-to-edge display and Full HD resolution.

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It has an aspect ratio of 16:10, so perfect for your purpose and has a 99% sRGB width. It will not be the top model for professionals, but its qualities make it a must for amateurs.

Acer Predator XB241H

It is one of the sacred monsters among the best monitors currently on the market. Designed for gaming, thanks to its technical specifications and it is also perfect for photography and video. It has a truly enviable quality as well as price ratio.

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Equipped with an LCD panel, with a diagonal of 24-inches, it has a Full HD resolution. The response time is 1ms and the technology used for the screen is TN.

BenQ SW2700PT

BenQ offers us this monitor designed specifically for photography. Equipped with a 27-inch screen is adjustable in height to always allow an optimal view. The resolution is really high, stands at 2560 x 1400 pixels, so you always get high-quality images.

[amazon box=”B012UNOCJY” /]

Even the width of the color is suitable for use, with a percentage of the Adobe RGB scale of 99. To make matters even greater, this screen was awarded the TIPA Award 2016, dedicated to the best monitors for photography.

Samsung U32H850

This Samsung monitor has features that make it suitable for semi-professional use. The first feature that surely catches the eye is the display size of 32-inches. If this were not enough, the panel type is Quantum Dot and has a 4K resolution.

[amazon box=”B071Y6SWGT” /]

Surely the many incoming ports make this monitor perfect for use in multitasking, which will allow you to work easily with multiple windows. The response time is instead of 4ms, while the refresh rate is 60Hz.

Dell U2515H ADZG

We’ve already seen a really interesting monitor from Dell. This is at a higher end and aims a lot more of substance than design. Equipped with a display size 25-inches, in fact, returns a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

[amazon box=”B00SPWPF1O” /]

Its strength lies in the balance of the image, which never turns to different results from the original. To underline the panel coating with anti-reflection technology with a 3H hard coating.

Asus PA279Q

If it were not a monitor designed specifically for photography, you would probably consider the look of this product anachronistic. In reality, the quality is really high and particularly complements interesting solutions. The screen has a diagonal of 27-inches, with a WQHD resolution and a color depth of 99% on the Adobe RGB scale.

[amazon box=”B00DRPZ0O6″ /]

Those who take a lot of photos will certainly find the memory card reader integrated on the left side which is very useful. In this way transferring your images to the PC will be really easy. Adjustable inclination helps make work even smoother.

Other interesting monitors

After presenting you what we believe are the best monitors for photography and video work, we decided to show you best-seller monitors on Amazon with an excellent quality. Are you ready to find out?

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Are you satisfied with the best monitors for photography and video work we presented today? Do not forget to give your feedback in the comment section below.

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