Best Gaming Monitors 2022: Which One to Buy

In this constantly updated guide, we’ll help you choose the best gaming monitor 2022 for you. It is one of the fundamental components for a PC gamer as it allows you to fully enjoy the videogame experience offered by various titles. We will explain what are the aspects and features that should be kept in mind to help you make a purchase.

Best gaming monitor 2022

If you’ve built or already own a PC that deserves it, one of the things you can’t go wrong with is choosing the right monitor for your desk. It is advisable to choose the model based on the features of your PC gaming setup.

How to choose the best gaming monitor 2022

First of all, we advise against using the TV as a gaming monitor, especially if you usually play with your computer and not with a console. It is essential to better analyze some aspects and some typical characteristics of these products.


How big should a gaming monitor be? It may seem obvious, but it is essential in the choice during the purchase phase. Before looking at the resolutions, technologies, and miscellaneous it is important to choose a monitor that is not too small. It is advisable not to buy monitors under 22 inches, as with a screen that is too small you will not be able to fully enjoy the graphic details.


It may seem obvious, but “higher resolution” does not always mean “higher quality”. In fact, you must also take into account the size/resolution ratio. For example, the Ultra HD resolution in 4K in a 24-inch display is useless, as the Full HD maximum resolution is just fine for a monitor of that size. While on a 27-inch with Full HD resolution the image is not very clear.

Therefore, when analyzing the resolution parameter, it is also good to take into account the display size. Furthermore, you must also look at the performance of your graphics card. If your graphics card doesn’t allow you to process 4K graphics details, you won’t need to purchase a 4K resolution monitor.

Refresh Rate and Response Time

These are two parameters that must necessarily be analyzed together. The refresh rate of the display, which is the number of times an image is redrawn on the screen in one second. This characteristic is measured in Hz and is compared to pixel response or response time (really needed to know how much response time a gaming monitor should have). Usually, the Response time of a good gaming monitor is 1 ms.

In recent years it has become essential to buy a monitor with a refresh rate above 60 Hz, especially in the field of gaming and graphics. So it is advisable to opt for a monitor with an ideal 144Hz refresh rate.

Nvidia G-Sync – AMD FreeSync

They are two proprietary technologies of the two companies. They greatly increase the performance regarding the refresh rate and image quality. Obviously, you need to have a graphics card that supports this technology. For example, if a monitor is equipped with FreeSync technology, you can only use it with AMD graphics cards. However, monitors that support these two functions are sold at a high price. These two technologies can be safely disabled quickly and easily.

Best budget gaming monitor


This is a curved monitor that comes at a very attractive price. It has a 24-inch panel with Full HD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. Being a VA-type display, you will enjoy high liquidity and responsiveness while keeping the selling cost down. FreeSync technology helps reduce screen tearing and input lag. We recommend this monitor to anyone looking for an affordable, well-built product that’s suitable for low-end gaming graphics cards.

You can buy this monitor on and for $193.43/£189.


If you are getting into the gaming world for the first time, we recommend that you go for this monitor from AOC. Equipped with an excellent quality/price ratio, it features a 25-inch TN-type display with Full HD resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and 1 ms response time. Build quality is really excellent. Edge fringes are almost non-existent, a feature not to be underestimated in this price range. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust it in height. Moreover, it also has FreeSync technology.

You can buy this monitor on for £171.79

BenQ GL2480

This is the best budget gaming monitor for people with low-end performance computers. The panel is a 24-inch TN type with Full HD resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and 1 ms response time. If you have a low-end video card, this monitor is for you. In the future, you can still upgrade to a higher-performing model. It doesn’t have built-in speakers.

You can buy this monitor on,,,, and for $159.99/£139.99.

Flat gaming monitors

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

This stunning product from ASUS is equipped with a 27-inch IPS-type panel with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz and a refresh rate of 4ms. The refresh rate value can be overclocked to 165Hz, but we don’t recommend it if you’re not an expert user. The resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels is perfect for gaming, as it allows you to fully enjoy the details offered by video game titles. In addition, a particularly powerful graphics card is not required to support this resolution. Introduce G-Sync technology that can be used with NVIDIA graphics cards.

You can buy this monitor on,, and for $1,059.

ViewSonic Elite XG240R

If you’re looking for a best gaming monitor 2022 that blinks at esports, this model from ViewSonic is perfect for you. It has a 24-inch TN-type Full HD resolution display. This product has really excellent response and fluidity. The refresh rate is 144 Hz, while the response time is 1 ms. These excellent features are preferred above all by the type of panel.

Furthermore, it is equipped with integrated speakers that allow you to use it for multimedia even when you do not have dedicated speakers.

You can buy this monitor on,,,, and for $287/£257.


Do you want a 144 Hz refresh rate monitor with an excellent quality/price ratio? Then you can’t give up on this AOC product at all. It has a 24.5-inch TN-type panel with Full HD resolution. The high refresh rate and 1 ms response time allow you to enjoy an excellent response. If you have an AMD video card available, you can take advantage of FreeSync technology. It can also be adjusted in height.

You can buy this monitor on for £307.23.

Curved gaming monitors


AOC has created a real demon of power. It sports a 35-inch panel with WQHD resolution (3,440 x 1,440 pixels) in 21:9 aspect ratio. The refresh rate is 120 Hz, while the response time is 4 ms. These are excellent values, especially when it comes to panel size and resolution. If you have an NVIDIA video card, you can take advantage of G-Sync technology. In addition, it has an adjustable base and a convenient remote control that allows you to manage the monitor profile.

You can buy this monitor on for $1,288.99.


The Optix MPG341CQR is a curved gaming monitor with a 34-inch VA-type panel and UWQHD resolution (3440 X 1440 pixels). It has a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. The real highlight of this model is the presence of GameSense technology in collaboration with SteelSeries. The LED strip at the bottom not only plays an aesthetic role but also provides you with additional information on supported games.

You can buy this monitor on,,, and for $699.99.

Best 2K gaming monitors

Asus ROG Strix XG279Q

Next in the best gaming monitor 2022 guide from Asus is equipped with a 27-inch IPS-type panel with QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), 144 Hz refresh rate, and 1 ms response time. Thanks to AMD’s proprietary FreeSync technology, you’ll enjoy excellent fluidity and well-defined graphic details. The type of panel also lends itself to be particularly suitable for graphics editing. You can’t miss the flicker-free and anti-blue light technologies that protect your eyes during prolonged use. It is one of the best monitors for PS5 suitable for Sony’s new console.

You can buy this monitor on,,, and for $522.99

Acer Predator XB271HU

We couldn’t recommend any products in the Predator series by Acer. This best gaming monitor 2022 is equipped with a 27-inch TN-type panel with QHD resolution. This type of panel allows you to enjoy excellent responses even with such a resolution. It actually features a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz and a response time of 1 ms. It can be adjusted to your liking which best suits your needs. Very welcome is the zero frame design, which allows you to enjoy very thin edges. Apart from this, there are also good quality integrated speakers.

You can buy this monitor on,,,, and for $466.99/£976.

Best 4k gaming monitors

Acer Predator XB323QK

This Acer Predator monitor is equipped with a 31.5-inch panel with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) and a 144Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, the response time is .05 ms. These are more than acceptable values ​​considering the resolution of the display. G-Sync technology will allow you to enjoy more fluidity and responsiveness by eliminating screen tearing. Various technologies for eye protection and perfect adjustment of height, angle, and rotation cannot be missing.

You can buy this monitor on and for $1,199.99.

240Hz gaming monitor

BenQ Zowie XL2546

This BenQ monitor has been specifically designed to deliver the best in the world of e-sports. The selling price is pretty high, but you can take home a respectable 240Hz gaming monitor. The panel is a 24.5-inch panel with Full HD resolution and 1ms response time. A peculiar feature of this model is the presence of two side panels that allow you to eliminate any reflections that may affect performance in sports. Very welcome the presence of a controller that allows you to customize the functions and parameters of the monitor with utmost simplicity.

You can buy this monitor on,,, and for $499/£429.

LG 27UK850

This is the best gaming monitor 2022 for PS4 and Xbox One. It is equipped with HDR technology, sports a 27-inch IPS display with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), adjustable bass, and 5 ms response time. Apart from this, it also proves to be a great monitor to use with your PC for using graphics editing software. Other than that, the build quality is great.

You can buy this monitor on and for $614.99/£475.

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  1. Hi
    i need a monitor for whatching movie and photoshop and illustorator and at the end game.
    i have ph-1650 super
    gaming is not my first option but i whant have the option

    i dont know buy pg279qm or xg279uqr
    i wanna pg for all of benefits not the 240hz really
    but wanna 4K on xg279uqr
    really confused
    is 1ms really noticeable even by rtx3080?
    how many diffrence in 2k and 4k?

    • Both are good monitors, you can also see this Asus ROG Strix XG27UQR review here for more information and better clarity.

      • I didn’t think I would get an answer here, so I sent an email. I apologize.
        I read your expert review about the xg27uqr and now I am in doubt between the two monitors for the final decision. I left a comment on the xg27uqr review page. If possible, please answer. Thank you

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