Best eBook Reader: Best to Buy

Undecided about the right choice to make and which eBook Reader to buy? Here is our guide to buying the best devices of the moment!

Best eBook Reader

The eBook Readers have literally changed the habits of reading lovers. For those who do not know, it is dedicated devices that allow you to read books in electronic format, usually, these books are purchased from online stores such as Amazon or from the eBook store itself. If you are about to buy an eBook Reader but you feel lost sight of the multitude of existing devices, then this guide is right for you because we will list the best eBook Reader of the moment.

If you already have an eBook Reader, perhaps an update is not necessary but can make the difference if you choose a model much more recent than your current device.

What Features Should be Kept in Mind:


A first difference between the eBook Reader is the type of screen technology available on the market. Many have an electronic ink display (also called E-Ink), particularly suitable for a restful reading that closely follows a classic sheet of paper. We recommend ignoring other types of screens: LCD liquid crystals (such as those found on smartphones and tablets) in the long run will tire the eyes and make the reading experience less pleasant.

Next to the E-Ink backlight can be available, particularly useful when we have to read in places with low light or in the middle of the night. The backlighting is an added value but not fundamental, since an E-Ink screen without this feature can only be read with a nearby light source (just like a classic book).

Some models have a touch screen, particularly useful for turning the page or moving around in the contents of the book. His presence is now a constant, although many eBook Reader models also have physical buttons to change pages.

Store and eBooks Availability

Another feature is the availability of electronic books (eBooks) and consequently the internal storage of the device. The more the library is provided, the more books we can read, without having to buy books in paper format.

File format compatibility

Lastly, compatibility with file formats dedicated to eBooks. The more formats our eBook Reader can support, the more books from different sources we can retrieve to read.

Non-fundamental Parameters

Other parameters are not essential in an eBook Reader, but can only present an added value:

The presence or absence of the 3G network, useful only if we download many books away from home
The capacity of internal storage, considering that the books take up very little space, even 4GB of storage is sufficient to store thousands of books
Battery, considering that E-Ink screens are particularly low on electricity, a single charge can last weeks or months.

Ebook and DRM

When you purchase an ebook from Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Google, etc., then that book is protected by a digital rights management system, which means that the book is available for reading only on devices that support the DRM system of each shop. For example, you can read Amazon ebooks only on Kindle devices or on Amazon Kindle apps for other platforms, you can’t view them on a Kobo player.

Best eBook Reader

After all this due promise and a necessary preamble, it is good to remember that the following ebook readers were not chosen just for their hardware. All eBook readers allow you to upload books, documents, and unprotected content, but it is important that each of them easily provides access to a large library of commercial books.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

[amazon box=”B00OQVZDJM” /]

The best Kindle for price and quality ratio is certainly the Kindle Paperwhite. An advanced E-Ink screen, precise touch controls, adjustable backlighting and integration with the Amazon eBook store make this product one of the best eBook readers on the market. Available with and without special offers (home advertising banners and advertising screensavers, no disturbance when reading). The only real limitation: it is not compatible with the ePub format, so we’ll have to convert the books to upload them to the device.

Amazon Kindle

[amazon box=”B00ZV9PXP2″ /]

This is for sure one of the cheapest eBook Reader for quality and price. Available in black or white colors, the price fluctuates depending on whether you choose to buy the Amazon Kindle with special offers included (or advertising) or without. Sincerely you can also opt for the first choice, Amazon ads are not at all invasive. Interesting Bluetooth audio support for the blind and advanced features for managing books or PDF files.

Pocketbook Touch Lux 3

[amazon box=”B00W5Z6X68″ /]

If you are looking for a really compact eBook Reader, you can bet on the Pocketbook. In addition to the dimensions, it has a management of eBooks to folders, physical keys for content management and a slot to add a microSD to the device.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

[amazon box=”B00IOY8XWQ” /]

The latest eBook Reader arrived at the Amazon home with the possibility to choose between a Wi-Fi model or Wi-Fi + 3G. Here are the main features such as 300ppi high-resolution screen, it views like it was a real paper. VoltaPagina allows you to turn the page without raising a finger.

Integrated light with automatic adjustment to ensure the ideal brightness, day and night. The battery lasts for weeks, not hours. Kindle Unlimited gives you the ability to read as much as you want from over a million titles. Try it for free up to 30 days.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

[amazon box=”B06VTJWRJW” /]

It is the flagship device among all the readers of Amazon eBooks. It has a premium feature and price, presents a very different design from the Kindle to which we are accustomed, but certainly very appreciated to be used with one hand thanks to the side frame. It features both the Wi-Fi version and the Wi-Fi + 3G version.

The main features are Ergonomic design with buttons, to change pages effortlessly. The Kindle device with the greater battery. The included leather case-charger can increase battery life up to months. You can also choose the removable case will be available in black, burgundy or walnut. 300ppi high-resolution screen for reading, an integrated adjustable light for ideal brightness, day and night

Kobo Aura H2O

[amazon box=”B00N9ZVN90″ /]

It can be defined as the competitor of the Amazon Kindle Voyage, similar in design with a three-dimensional shell. It has a waterproof design up to 30 minutes/one meter deep, resistant to sand and dust. It has a 6.8-inch wide Touchscreen E-Ink Paper display with high resolution (1430 x 1080) and 265dpi.

It comes with a regular integrated front lighting, battery life up to 2 months, 4GB of internal storage to save up to 3,000 eBooks, expandable storage up to 32GB for up to 30,000 eBooks. It has an integrated Wi-Fi, to connect wherever and whenever you want and access a catalog of more than 3.5 million books.

Best-selling eBook Reader

For more convenience, we bring you the top 10 most sold eBook Reader on Amazon currently. The ranking below is updated daily automatically.

[amazon bestseller=”e-book reader” items=”10″]

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