Best Computer Monitors 2020 to Work: Buy in July

We have chosen to buy the best computer monitors 2020 to work for you. Obviously, the buying guide was not designed only for those who intend to place a larger screen next to the notebook for use in the home or office, but also for all desktop PC owners. We have not particularly taken into consideration the accuracy of the chromatic reproduction or some fundamental specifications in the choice of a gaming desk top screens: we have instead focused on crucial features to offer a working space as comfortable and functional as possible. Despite this, the more expensive best PC monitor models mount really high-quality panels and this makes them suitable for other scenarios too.

Samsung C24F396

Best Computer Monitors 2020

As the first best computer monitors 2020 to work for you we have selected the Samsung LC24F396, a low-end computer monitors cheap device that manages to offer indispensable features for those who have to work. The panel used is a 24″ Full HD (1080 x 1920) with a 60Hz refresh rate and a brightness of 250cd/m2. The structure does not allow many adjustments, it can be tilted forward or backward. It is a curved monitor, perfect to better adapt to the visual field of the human eye. There are features dedicated to gaming such as AMD Freesync and there is an eye protection mode.

These 60 hz monitors costs are usually around $149.99, but in the last few days it has dropped at $119.99 via the and you can also buy it from online store.


  • AMD Freesynch
  • Curved panel
  • Low price


  • Few position adjustments

Dell P2419H

desk top screens

Dell P2419H is a low-end monitor that does not give up on quality, both in the components used and in the robust and solid structure. It can be adjusted in numerous positions, even vertically. The P series of Dell screen is the one aimed at more professional use, in fact, this Dell 24 inch monitor with an IPS panel, Full HD 16:9 allows to be used in numerous modes, including those dedicated to video games. There is also eye protection with anti-filter blue light. Despite having a relatively low price, it can also offer good color reproduction accuracy in the sRGB space. You can take advantage of various connectors for connecting peripherals including HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and, on the left side, there is also a USB hub to expand the ports of our PC.

The price has fallen slightly in recent weeks and now you can find it at around $176.99 at and online stores.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Infinite position adjustments
  • Good color reproduction


  • No integrated speakers

HP 24f LED Display

best pc monitor

We also wanted to include the HP 24F monitor as a more sober and less cumbersome alternative than the Dell. Although it does not offer the same adjustment possibilities, the HP display panel used is also 24″ Full HD IPS and has a very robust structure, thinner and lighter than that of the Dell. The design also follows different lines because it is more elegant and suitable to also be used in home environments without giving too much attention.

The price is 124.99 only for the 24-inch model via the store, but it is also available in the 23.8 and 27-inch variant pricing starts from $199.99 at the online shop.

LG UltraWide 29WK600

computer monitors cheap

Moving to a different category, we chose the LG 29WK600 as a budget product to approach the 21:9 monitor concept. This particular elongated shape is becoming one of the most appreciated features in the workplace, as it allows you to combine two whole documents without sacrificing space. The LG computer monitors with 29-inch IPS LCD panel, 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution, and HDR support.

LG software functions are very interesting and, through the OnScreen Control program, allow you to adjust numerous settings without resorting to the use of physical buttons. For example, it will be possible to divide the workspace by following the pre-set sections without, therefore, having to manually adjust each open window.

Currently you can find this LG display on for $229.99 only.


  • OnScreen Controll and Split Screen
  • Good IPS and sRGB 99% panel
  • Integrated speakers


  • Not adjustable in height

LG UltraWide 34WN80C

lg computer monitors

Staying in the UltraWide category, but going up in price, we have selected the 34WN80C-B LG computer monitors. It is a 34″ medium / high-end LG display equipped with an opaque IPS LCD panel with 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution: not only will you have more space available, but the images will also be sharper. Although the guide is not designed for content creators, the monitor can also be useful for photo editing or for editing videos comfortably as it allows you to keep the timeline of a movie extended over its entire length. The connection with the computer can be made via HDMI, DisplayPort, or more simply via USB-C.

It is the most expensive product on the best computer monitors 2020 list, but it is also the one that offers the best features and performance. Currently, it can be found on at a cost of $505.


  • Height adjustable
  • Excellent panel quality
  • Type C connection

Samsung The Sapce

monitor samsung

As the last product of the best computer monitors 2020 guide, we chose Samsung the Space Monitor, particular and unique in its kind. The Korean company has created this device to meet all those who need a large display, but who do not have much space available and want to leave the workplace as free as possible. It is available in two variants: one from 27″ with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels and the other, larger, from 32 but with a resolution of 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is not so much the features that amaze, but the base that – by hooking at the desk – allows you to take up very little space and to move the monitor closer and tilt if necessary.

The price is $408 for the smaller model and $541 for the 4K 32-inch model via a online shop.


  • Good panel quality
  • Very little footprint on the desk
  • Small frames and unique design


  • Higher prices than computer monitors with the same quality, but without a tilting base

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