Best Computer Monitors for Home Office: Best to Buy

Faced with the current global scenario, many people are compelled to work from their homes, but not everyone has the best computer monitor for it. If you’re looking for good monitors for your budget-friendly home office, we’ll list the best business monitor options available in the market in this guide and key features of each model to know which one is the best to buy.

Remember that the best monitor for photo editing models listed here considers productivity or color fidelity for professionals working with image and video editing. If you’re looking for a monitor that’s good for gaming, it’s best to check out our other best gaming monitor 2022 guide that lists the best ones with refresh rates above 60Hz.

Dell SE2216H

We started our best computer monitor guide with a good monitor to work with. If you’re strapped for money or looking for a single monitor for simple tasks, the Dell SE2216H will be a great fit for you.

Despite being one of the cheapest currently, it has a good quality panel as you would expect from a Dell monitor. Apart from the HDMI input, it also has a VGA input for those who have an old PC that has been sitting at home for a long time.

Pictures are sharp thanks to Full HD resolution with good color gamut, brightness, and contrast. The brightness level is lower than the others on the list, but that will only be an issue if you have a window behind you. Response times are the highest among the models listed here, so it’s not a recommended monitor for gaming in your spare time.

You can buy this monitor for $197.75 on and £89.99 on

Samsung LC24F390

Have you been flirting with curved monitors? Samsung’s LC24F390 is one of the most affordable and delivers a good set for the price. It has a fully plastic body, and its edges aren’t as thin as the others in our guide, but it’s pretty much what you’ll find on the market in this price range.

With a 24-inch LED screen, the best computer monitor model has HDMI and VGA inputs for those who want to connect it to new and older computers. It is not a monitor aimed at those looking for good multimedia or playing games on it, as the model does not have built-in speakers, and its response time is high.

This Samsung monitor is best suited for office use or just for browsing and those who are tired of the standard design of flat monitors.

You can buy this monitor for $171 on,, and £144 on

LG 25UM58

If you want to increase your productivity at work or even help with your studies, the LG 25UM58 allows you to open several programs side by side without having one window on top of the other. Its panel is IPS LCD with a 178-degree viewing angle, which allows multiple people to view content easily.

It brings a reading mode that reduces the emission of blue light, this contributes to less eye strain. If you spend hours in front of your PC studying or reading, this feature will make a big difference. There’s also the Flicker Safe feature that reduces glare flickering, which will also help reduce fatigue.

There is the 4-Screen Split feature to see four apps at the same time. It is also possible to connect two computers to this monitor and share the screen with another person. It works with both Windows and Mac, which is a rare thing to find.

You can buy this monitor for $243.35 on,, and £173.93 on

LG 29WK600W

Need an even bigger screen than the 27-inch Dell or even more color accuracy? LG’s WK600W is 29 inches, covers 99% of the sRGB color standard, and even supports HDR10.

It is also a 60 Hz monitor with an IPS panel and a good level of contrast. What changes is that its screen is ultrawide, like the most basic LG of our guide. So you can work on several programs at the same time.

It has built-in speakers with 5W power on each channel and Maxx Audio technology. The design attracts attention with its curved support with a metallic finish. And it might even attract more interest than the more serious office-looking Dell above.

You can buy this monitor for $399.99 on and websites.

Samsung LU32J590

Need more space to work, but don’t want to make an expensive investment in a 4K monitor? Samsung has the LU32J590 model, which is simpler compared to others on our guide, but here you’ll have plenty of room to have more than one program open at the same time, on the 31.5-inch screen.

This model can also be a good choice for those who play. It is FreeSync compatible and has Game Mode and Low Input Lag Mode options to reduce latency when playing games, but it’s not quite a gamer monitor because it only has a 60 Hz panel.

For those who work with image and video editing, you will appreciate the panel of this monitor for being able to reproduce a billion colors. It also has Picture-by-Picture (PBP) feature that allows you to connect two devices to the monitor and keep its original qualities.

You can buy this monitor for $299.99 on,, and £399.99 on

LG 34WK650

This LG monitor escapes the design of others and bets on something more minimalist. It is also ultrawide like the cheapest of the brand we mentioned, but this one brings superior quality and supports HDR10. But don’t get carried away with this small detail, as this monitor doesn’t have a very high brightness level and has limited HDR.

The best thing about it is in the color reproduction. It’s the best computer monitor that comes with the best factory calibration on our list. If you don’t know how to calibrate a monitor so that it delivers the best color reproduction, the 34WK650 will be a big differentiator when making the choice.

The panel uniformity is very good, and the response time doesn’t disappoint either. Just don’t expect it to be a good choice for gaming. Its input lag is quite high. On the other hand, there’s FreeSync support for a more fluid experience with games running on PCs with AMD hardware or even your Xbox.

You can buy this monitor for $394 on,, and websites.

Dell P2721Q

Dell P2721Q monitor is for those who want to immerse themselves in the 4K world. Here you have 3840×2160 pixels on a 27-inch panel, which results in a high PPI for a very sharp image. Its design is reminiscent of the other Dells we mentioned, but with even better build quality.

The contrast is superior to the others mentioned above, but the brightness doesn’t quite surpass the Dell U2518D, especially with HDR content. However, the viewing angle of this one is higher, with less color loss when looking from the side. The uniformity of panel lighting is also superior.

Color reproduction is one of the best, and it’s also the best monitor for photo editing video editing. And because it’s 4K, you’ll be able to see every detail of the videos you capture at this resolution. The response time is excellent, and the input lag is lower than all the others we mentioned, making it a good option for games.

You can buy this monitor for $549.99 on,, and websites.

Samsung Smart Monitor M5

To close our best computer monitor guide, we have the Samsung Smart Monitor M5, a monitor that was introduced by the brand betting on bringing the embedded Tizen system as a differential, thus favoring the consumption of multimedia in the same way as a TV, which includes apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Not least, the monitor supports wireless connection to DeX (if you have a compatible Galaxy) and AirPlay 2, Easy Connection to easily connect to a pre-configured remote PC with Office 365 pre-installed.

Speaking of the screen itself, the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 offers a 24-inch Full HD screen with a 16×9 aspect ratio, support for 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth 4.2, and, of course, HDMI input for use connected to PCs, notebooks, and most.

You can buy this best computer monitor for $219.99 on,,, and £388.53 on

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