Apple Watch Ultra Hands-On: First Impression

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s most impressive response to those who want an AW that can satisfy more durability and workouts. We have a completely new design, a bigger screen. However, in terms of the basic button position as well as the operating system and platform, it is still the Apple Watch.

apple watch ultra review

Crazy design

The Apple Watch Ultra is not only a watch but also a product sold under the Apple brand that has a very prickly and impressive design, in contrast to the simple, seamless design that Apple has been carrying for many years.

apple watch ultra review

In addition to the two basic hard buttons, the Digital Crown button and the back button, Apple equips the Watch Ultra with a big, orange button on the right, and they named it the action button. The task of this button is that you will assign it activity and then just click on it to run immediately. For example, you assign it to the running feature and then click on it, and it runs immediately. The button is big and prominent.

The top edge of the watch, the hard button area, and speaker holes are also made in a charming rather than simple like on the old Apple Watch.

Titanium body

apple watch ultra review

Apple has used titanium in the past to make watches. Now, this Ultra version is only made of titanium, not ceramic or steel. We don’t know if it’s made of steel or how heavy it will be, but the titanium version seemed lighter to hold. The model should be particularly resistant thanks to a titanium case and sapphire glass.

Top with old design and using old bands

The Apple Watch Ultra has a screen size of 49mm, but the screen is not as square as the previous Apple Watch. We tried using different bands including older bands, and they fit perfectly. So you no longer have to worry about the lack of bands when you buy them.

apple watch ultra review

There are three new bracelet designs to choose from. The Ocean Band is made of plastic, the Alpine Loop can be securely fastened with a titanium buckle, and the Trail Loop Band is particularly thin. The recognition of the sport should be intelligent in multisport units.

It is said to come with the brightest display of the entire Apple Watch lineup to date, with a special night mode to prevent glare in low ambient light. The brightness is estimated at up to 2,000 nits.

3 mics, 2 speakers, AI, and ML for better conversation

apple watch ultra review

Apple equips 3 mics in different positions on the Apple Watch Ultra so that it can measure the surrounding sound and offer the best noise cancellation and anti-refraction capabilities for better conversational sound. They also say they use AI and machine learning (ML) to learn more about the environment to configure the call accordingly.

More accurate reception

New and more powerful than the old Apple Watches and compared to other smartwatches. Apple says the Apple Watch Ultra pinpoints location more accurately than other smartwatches thanks to the new dual-frequency GPS chip system and new antennas.

apple watch ultra review

Apple Watch Ultra has a battery life of 36 hours and 60 hours in eco mode while still ensuring basic features. So if you use Apple Watch to run long distances or even need more time, it will still meet.

Thus, the battery life of the Watch Ultra does not reach the similarly designed Garmin smartwatches or multisport watches, but they also offer a different display technology.

According to the manufacturer, the model is waterproof up to 100 meters and complies with the EN13319 standard. The new Oceanic+ app promises that the Watch Ultra can be used directly as a dive computer watch – including depth measurement. The functionality also includes the calculation of decompression times.

Apple Watch Ultra price in USA, release date

The 49mm wide Watch Ultra will start at $799. It is already up for pre-order on, and shipping should be from September 23rd.

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