Apple officially acquired Linx to improve the camera on iPhone

Apple is preparing to bring a powerful new technology for the camera on the iPhone. These include the acquisition Linx – a company specialized in design camera for smart phones.Apple-officially-acquired-Linx-to-improve-the-camera-on-iPhone

Linx – a company specializing in the design, production camera system, headquarters in Israel around $20 million. Linx not only produce conventional sensors, but also bring a new depth camera system with a number from 2 to 4 sensors to the market. This allows devices with more features like autofocus photography to separate the subject from the background, blurred background, 3D image capture, measure the distance, object’s size or virtual reality and much more.

In addition, Linx also owns the latest camera technology for mobile, the ability to produce multiple camera sensor clusters with only half of the thickness compared to the competition, while promising to achieve high image quality with good color. The company also spent many research efforts in low light shooting techniques and noise reduction, so Apple can take advantage of the technology and the knowledge to improve the camera on the iPhone and iPad with a better camera sensor and extra dots as well as the newest photography technology. Apple-acquired-Linx-to-improve-the-camera-on-iPhone

In addition to their ability to use multiple sensors, Linx software explained algorithms and their ability to reduce to the minimum the bias when combining the images together. They can also extract depth information correctly for each pixel, so that the objects have high contrast and flat surfaces were recorded distance carefully, while the other dual camera system is difficult to do this.


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