Apple Camera with a new Optical Image Stabilization!

A design of the new Apple camera has leaked and showing that the company is developing a new camera system with the ability to capture images with a much higher resolution than the original resolution of the sensor.Super-Resolution-Optical-Image-Stabilization

The full name of this design is Super-Resolution Optical Image Stabilization, super-high resolution imaging technique – based on optical image stabilization mechanism. One of the camera manufacture applied this Super Resolution Algorithm in practice, such as the Olympus E-M5 mark II 16-megapixel sensor with 40 megapixel image capture. The mechanism of this camera is the sensor-shift amplitude at small to squeeze more pixels into the gaps between the pixels, thereby creating high resolution images. As for the new Apple camera system is limited in physical size, so they chose to do the opposite: Move the lens system.optical-image-stabilization-system

A system and method for creating a super-resolution image using an image capturing device. In one embodiment, an electronic image sensor captures a reference optical sample through an optical path. Thereafter, an optical image stabilization (OIS) processor to adjust the optical path to the electronic image sensor by a known amount. A second optical sample is then captured along the adjusted optical path, such that the second optical sample is offset from the first optical sample by no more than a sub-pixel offset. The OIS processor may reiterate this process to capture a plurality of optical samples at a plurality of offsets. The optical samples may be combined to create a super-resolution image.Apple-Camera

Some of Smartphone manufacturers to use this Optical Image Stabilization Phones mechanism to take images and overlap to produce high-resolution images, for example, Oppo can take photos from 64MP or 16MP sensors, the Asus Zenfone 2 can take pictures from 50MP or 13MP sensor. But all is completely software solution, while Apple is further combined optical components to increase the quality and accuracy of the interpolation process. Even the design also shows that this feature can operate in parallel with the HDR mode.iPhone Optical Image Stabilization

Today, all generation iPhone devices with same 8 megapixels camera sensor and only iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with optical stabilization. With this technology, we can expect that the next generation iPhone will be able to take photos with 20 megapixel or high resolution and optical image stabilizer in every version.


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