AOC 16T2 Portable IPS Touchscreen Display Monitor With USB-C and 4-hours Battery

AOC presents a battery-powered 15.6-inch portable IPS monitor with 10-point touchscreen display functionality, with which the user interface of a laptop or smartphone can be massively expanded via a USB-C cable even when on the move.

AOC 16T2 Portable IPS Monitor touchscreen display

The new portable touchscreen display with USB-C connectivity is now available. The 39.6 cm or 15.6-inch AOC 16T2 portable screen with IPS panel offers full HD resolution and can be connected to a laptop via its two USB-C connections (with DisplayPort Alternate Mode) or its micro-HDMI port, Desktop or a smartphone can be connected. Thanks to the built-in 8000mAh battery, which also serves as a power supply unit and can charge a smartphone, the 16T2 is easily ready for use on the go – a power socket is not required.

The additional IPS monitor gives creative people who use programs with many tool palettes on their notebook a little more space and thus an overview. For example, for image processing, the tool palettes will be moved to the external display, as this only shows 262,000 colors, and the one to be processed will be kept on the internal display.

AOC 16T2 Portable IPS Monitor touchscreen display

What else does it recommend for mobile users? It is not an inch thick and comes with a smart, foldable cover for portrait and landscape orientation. It can also be attached to a wall via its VESA mount – ideal for creative people, business people, students, IT administrators, small businesses, do-it-yourselfers, and many more.

Anyone who has ever worked on a multi-touchscreen display setup knows how productive it can be at their workplace. If you don’t want to forego effectiveness on the go, you have a first-class tool at hand with the 16T2 and its 10-point touch functionality (Windows 10 certified). With its elegant aluminum finish, the AOC 16T2 looks like a tablet, but it is much more. In contrast to a tablet, which over time becomes outdated and quickly becomes electronic waste as soon as its processor and operating system are outdated, slow, and incompatible, the 16T2 is simply a mobile screen with built-in stereo speakers (2 x 1W), which is not constrained by any rapidly aging technology. This makes the 16T2 a future-proof investment for the years to come.

AOC 16T2 Portable IPS Monitor touchscreen display

The portable 16T2 can be docked to a wide variety of computers – older and younger models – via its two USB-C and Micro-HDMI inputs. When connected via Micro-HDMI, the IPS monitor is connected to the USB-A/C port of the computer using the USB-C cable included in the scope of delivery, and you can start using the touch functionality.

The 16T2 also functions as a power supplier, both when switching on and off. If instead it is connected to the mains with the USB-C adapter, the model can charge itself and a connected smartphone. A USB-C port on each side enables charging on the left connection and the transmission of the display signal from the right or vice versa. It couldn’t be more flexible or easier.

AOC 16T2 price and availability

The new portable IPS monitor 16T2 from AOC is now available to buy on for $249.99 only, which is slightly higher than the Asus ZenScreen MB14AC portable screen, priced at $199.99 and it can also be purchased via the Amazon store. 

There is also another option in the same segment from HP, with its recently announced E14 G4 portable touchscreen display with USB Type-C, IPS screen, a contrast ratio of 800:1, the response time is 5ms, the brightness is 400 nits, priced at $259 on the website.

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