Anker A3143 Quick Review: Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Compact Design

Whenever we heard about the Anker brand, we immediately thought about the portable backup batteries or charging cables, but do not forget that they also have a stylish portable speaker line-up, in which we have Anker A3143 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker was launched last year. This Anker A3143 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is pretty lightweight, compact design, relatively good finishing, especially designed smoother than the previous Anker speaker models. Let’s enjoy the quick Anker A3143 Review below:Untitled-2


Quite familiar packaging style to Anker batteries, anyone who had ever connect with Anker products will easily understand this. We have quick-start guide, Anker happy/not happy card, micro USB charging cable, 3.5 mm cable and of course the Anker speaker. Speakers weighing 620 grams, quite gentle, delicate exterior design with polished black finishing.

The front of the speaker grille is covered with a thin protective layer of fabric, below in the middle a quite simple Anker logo. The top of the speakers was finished with a glossy plastic layer and thus, leaves fingerprints. On it are all the basic controls such as power on/off, music play/stop and volume up and down buttons.Untitled-1

It looks like this is the simplest detail on the speakers complete with these four buttons to feel pretty nice, and quite easy to access. At the back we have stylish curved run under the curve of the speaker. One side of the speaker we have micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm jack. Bottom of the speaker has a thick rubber place with additional information about the device.


Today is a trend of compact speakers with a loud volume level and this Anker speaker is not the exception. We have a quite loud volume and of course, volume level up to 80 percent or more will be noisy or broken in many cases. Most important point of this speaker’s bass range. True to what Anker advertising as Booming bass speakers, this it has powerful bass and the audible noise when turning it on makes that clear. Full bass made the midranges and highs a bit muddy and muffled. For some quieter music, it was preferable. The Dknight, while less powerful in the bass is good enough and the midranges and highs were better defined. Overall, the sound quality of the Anker A3143 is quite dark, inherited advantages of the duo 10w audio drivers with two passive subwoofers should affect its ability to play louder volume.


In terms of technical specifications and other technology, the Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker A3143 model has quite fast Bluetooth connectivity, good feedback thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the battery life up to 8 hours under the label of continuous music playback at 50 percent volume.


Final line:

Anker A3143 Stereo Speaker with fast Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, positive feedback and continue music playback time up to 8 hours. In general, everything that Anker A3143 shows under $​​60 USD as its a reasonable price for any compact speaker. But anyway, we cannot be too hard for a low-range speaker segment, appropriate for the ordinary users than professional needs.

Amazon has announced a limited period discount offer on the A3143 Anker speaker. Under the offer, the A3143 will be available at a flat discount of $60. After discount, the device will be available at $59.99. The regular prices for the Anker A3143 model is $119.99.

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