Android Lollipop Full Features & Review

Along with a series of new devices, Google has officially introduced a new version of the powerful Android operating system called Lollipop.

Android Lollipop (Android L) also known as Android 5.0. While currently popular Android devices run on KitKat Android 4.4, Android Lollipop will make a major update and promise to provide significant improvements, similar turnaround times from Android 2, 3 and Android 4.

Yesterday, along with the new device is the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Google officially introduced the latest version of the operating system of the world. Here are a few key improvements of Android Lollipop compared with KitKat Android 4.4.

New Interface:


This new interface is Google called Material design, with brighter colors, focusing on the animation effects when open applications, these effects have been optimized, allowing the reaction recovered faster and smoother operation. Google also provides programmers a tool to help build the interface of the application on all devices like phones, tablets, watches which are using Google’s Operating System.

New Notification System:


The notification system is one of the significant improvements and most convenient on Android Lollipop. With this new innovation, the entire message will be displayed on the lock screen and not need one swipe down like it used to be. Like iOS, users can enter custom settings to hide the secret content and do not want to display, such as email, messaging, etc.

In addition, to avoid the pop-up notification appears suddenly when you’re playing games or watching movies, Android Lollipop is also designed to allow us to access or hide these messages easily, and also have preferences for some inter-shelf application or something. In addition, the operating system will monitor the use of the user to make important announcements upwards.

Quick Shortcuts:


Quick shortcuts to help control hardware is an integral part of the Center informed of any current operating system. Android is one of the leading operating system in the center of the Android notification, KitKat contains lots of shortcuts, such as turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. but still not enough to meet demand for use by many people.

In Android Lollipop, Google has added shortcuts like quickly toggle flash, Wi-Fi hotspot, screen rotation lock, diverse and easier to use.

Smartphone controlled by SmartWatch:


After the launch of Android Wear devices, especially SmartWatch becoming more handy, smart and better coordinated with smartphones. Android Lollipop is a new step in closing the gap between the two devices.

With Lollipop, after being paired with the SmartWatch and a phone can be considered as an intelligent key, SmartWatch allows lock smartphones, smartphones will automatically be unlocked without necessary tasks such as fingerprint scanning and enter the password.

Secure Data Encryption:


Android OS, which is said to be not very safe and secure, but Google has a little change to improve this problem.

Mode encryption to protect data already fitted on this operating system a long time, but in mode allows users the option on or off. In the new version of the Android Lollipop operating system, this feature is set by default is always open, to protect user data can be lost even though the devices.

Faster Multitasking Interface:


The multitasking management interface is a big improvement on Android Lollipop, better support for those who surf the web on mobile devices. With this interface, you can switch applications faster, this screen also displays the history of web access from a user’s Chrome browser.

Multitasking interface also rearranges intelligent and easier to use, users can access to old applications by the swipe easily with one touch.

Multi-User Facilities:


The multi-user which is only used on the computer, it now has on both tablets and phones. Although today, the phone is usually quite high personal and this feature is not really necessary, but it will show the strength in some cases, such as when for children use, or when we lose the device, may be temporarily imported into one device relative to the user.

Google Assistant for 24×7:

This feature turns the phone into an assistant, which is never rest, allowing us to call Google Now even when the phone is locked, by voice command called “OK Google”.

However, this feature requires hardware support, at present there are only Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 comes with it. According to Google, this feature will only work if the phone is powered by Digital Signal Processing.

Automatic turn on the Display:


Of course, a quite useful feature on Android Lollipop, but also requires support for hardware. Today, manufacturers often equip Product Features with a new type of unlocking method to help users more convenient operation and reduce the load on the Power key. However, the screen is just turned on when users hold the phone, which is really faster and more convenient.

Battery Saving Mode:


This is one of the desirable features on any smartphone yet. Google gives programmers a tool that detects the battery consumption of the running application, thereby to optimize battery life better.

But with the end user, the Battery Saver mode on Android Lollipop will take effect when the device is nearly out of battery, automatically closes the unnecessary applications, which can be extended up to 90 minutes of use.

Art Runtime Instead of Dalvik:

Users do not need too concerned about the performance of the devices, however the use of the ART Runtime can cause device performance increases up to 4 times, applications running in the background will be compressed in order to save system resources and specially optimized 64-bit hardware on the new device today.

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