Android 15 Beta 2: Key Updates and Exciting New Features

Android 15 has entered the second beta version, which is also the OS version for the majority of users who want to test it, not just Pixel phones. Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream introduces new features and changes, presenting itself as a minor update to Android 14. Since Android 12, each new Android version does not bring Many changes called breakthroughs, but let’s see what new features Android 15 will have.

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

According to Google’s annual plan, Android 15 will officially launch for Pixel devices in September, after the launch of the new flagship. Currently, Pixel models that will be updated to Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream will be Pixel 6 and above.

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream Features

Private Space: A New Level of Data Privacy and Security

Android has long allowed users to create multiple users to use the same device, but data privacy is still there, but for some users, it is still not private enough. Private Space is a feature for users looking for greater privacy.

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

Private Space allows users to log in to a completely different Google account, a “secret” space for users. Several other applications will also be integrated into Private Space by default such as Chrome, Photos, Gmail, and Files… are all separate from current data, do not save browsing history, do not pop-up notifications, and store files separately from the current platform. In general, Private Space is a separate partition in the phone that requires a PIN or fingerprint to log in.

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

Google has enhanced privacy by enabling users to conceal ‘Private Space’ entirely from the app drawer. To access it, simply type “private” into the search bar.

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

However, that’s private, but in reality, this privacy is still not what I expected, and it is similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder, putting applications in here and creating its own space. My expectation for Private Space is to ensure it remains hidden from the recent apps list or the multitasking screen. If it appears, the content should be obscured, and opening any app within Private Space should always require fingerprint verification. This approach embodies true privacy.

Adaptive Vibration for Various Environments

This feature will be related to the phone’s notification section. With Android 15, we will have a new adaptive vibration feature (Adaptive Vibration). It will utilize its microphone and sensors to analyze your surroundings, even identifying the surface your phone is on, to adjust the vibration intensity to a level that is effective yet not startling.

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

For example, if the phone is placed on a table or another hard surface, it will vibrate more softly when a notification arrives. Then, when placing the phone on a soft surface such as a bed or sofa, the phone will vibrate more strongly so you can easily know. There’s an announcement coming.

This feature is very suitable for phone models like the Pixel 8a because this phone model vibrates very strongly and is sometimes startling when the phone is placed on a table.

Also related to notifications, on Android 15 Google also said that Android’s notification system will allow users to customize different vibration patterns for different applications. This feature reminds me of old phone models with LED lights, we can customize each LED flashing pattern specifically for applications.

Additionally, when screen sharing is active, messages containing one-time passwords (OTPs) will not be displayed to protect your privacy.

Speedy Widget Addition and Real-Time Home Screen Preview

Android 15 allows users to add widgets to the home screen faster with a “+Add” shortcut right below each widget and allows real-time Preview display.

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

At present, the real-time preview feature is exclusive to a limited number of Google applications. Widgets for other apps continue to use the conventional display format. The inclusion of third-party applications in this real-time preview capability would significantly enrich the Android widget experience.

Screen Recording for Individual Apps

This feature, while common among other manufacturers’ UI kits, is a new addition to Pixel phones. The screen recording feature of Pixel phones will include a new option to record the screen of any app. This screen recording feature is unique because it only records when the app is in the foreground. Otherwise, it will not display other activities on top.

This screen recording feature ensures that notifications and other apps won’t disrupt the session or reveal sensitive content. There’s no need for post-editing since only the selected application is recorded, eliminating any unrelated material.

Revamped Volume Adjustment Interface

Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

This will likely only be available for Pixel devices, but this new interface is more intuitive and easier to follow even though it takes up more display space.

Enhanced Doze Mode for Increased Battery Savings

Since Android 6.0 (Project Doze), the Doze feature automatically puts phones into “sleep” mode. It limits certain app permissions to save battery by reducing CPU usage. Doze is automatically active in all Android versions, requiring no user intervention.

With Android 15, Google enhanced Doze mode to further extend battery life during device sleep. An application usually enters Doze mode after a set period. This time is reduced by 50%, allowing faster activation of Doze mode.

Google has tested the Doze feature on various Android phone models, achieving up to 3 hours of increased standby time. On the Pixel 8a, this results in excellent battery life, comfortably lasting a full day on a single charge. However, the exact extension of usage time with Android 15 remains unspecified.

GenAI Toggle Feature Compatibility for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a

Google has integrated Gemini Nano into the Pixel 8 and 8a, akin to the Pixel 8 Pro. In the Developer Options, a new “AICore” setting now lets users activate GenAI directly on the device.

Vanilla Ice Cream Google Pixel 8a

Pixel users on Android 14 can also update AICore in the Play Store to the latest version. Officials have scheduled an update for release in June, meaning users could receive it as soon as next week.

I’ve outlined several key features here and will continue to update you as I discover new features.

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