Amazon unveils Smart Cuckoo Clock, Inkless Printer, and Smart Scale

Amazon has decided to follow Xiaomi’s lead with its Youpin crowdfunding platform. Potential buyers are invited to buy a new smart inkless printer, no less smart scales for calculating food nutrition, and a cuckoo clock, all with Alexa support.

Smart Cuckoo Clock

Most often, small startups are involved in collecting money with a pre-order of goods, the creators of which are not sure of the financial success of the product or simply do not have access to production facilities. In such situations, the amount received allows you to organize the release of goods, as well as fully recoup all investments since the orders have already been paid. This is the approach behind Amazon’s new Build It service.

At the start, potential investors are offered three very unusual gadgets. The first is an $80 smart cuckoo clock. They feature an Alexa voice assistant, built-in speakers, LED dials, and a variety of audio options.

smart inkless printer

Another experimental product is the $35 smart kitchen scale. According to the manufacturer, they can identify thousands of ingredients in food. So, you can find out exactly how much sugar is in tangerines or how much you need to take raspberries to get 200 calories. The device is controlled by voice through Alexa.

Finally, the third gadget is a smart sticker printer for $90. A new eco printer can be used to print reminders, shopping lists, calendar events, and other important information. An important note that it does not need ink at all, since thermal technology is used for printing.

smart scales

The launch of pre-orders has already started on and will last until March 19. According to Amazon, the company is ready to release one of the products if it arouses interest among potential buyers. At the moment, the inkless printer is in the lead, but the advanced cuckoo smart alarm clock has not yet attracted proper interest. Even the smart scales, a day after the start of fundraising, have already gained 22% of the required amount, and there is still a whole month ahead. Sending orders will start in the summer of 2021.

Garmin last year has also introduced a new Index S2 smart scale. The new Garmin Index smart scale costs around $150, has some interesting innovations compared to its predecessor.

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