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AllCall Rio Quick Review: All-around Use Experience

The AllCall Rio caught the attention of phone users all over the world with a radical new design, and use of premium materials. When the Rio was in the planning stages, Rio went for a new approach from the phone itself, to even the packaging and accessories, it has been more than three weeks from AllCall Rio presale activity, may some fans have got AllCall Rio already, now we have quick AllCall Rio review and all-around experience.

Allcall Rio


AllCall Rio this time makes a big breakthrough- adopting 3D curved screen, so the Rio has integral molding design breaking the border of restriction, smooth rounded lines and seamless into the metal frame. In the other hand to make more honor body showing, Rio is manufactured using cutting-edge technologies such as double CNC highlights and nano-injection molding to ensure smooth design and high durability, so not only the appearance but also the hand feeling, Rio won’t let you down.

Allcall Rio price in UK


In order to pursuit more elegant appearance, AllCall Rio this time using Curved screen to impress the customers. But in the other hand, expect the appearance, the performance and experience is also very important issues, such as: Wear and tear troubles. In order to give consideration both elegant and sturdy, Rio using 1.8mm glass protector cover, double thickness than a general screen, so having double or higher anti-wear effects. Through 400 degrees Celsius 400 hours of steel processing, the Mohs’ hardness up to 8H, so from the AllCall Rio design, the designer have settled the problem from customer stand.


In the camera’s performance, AllCall Rio equipped with dual rear cameras with 8MP, meanwhile on the front of the phone we find a selfie camera. So whatever front or rear, Rio takes photography technology to the next level. Enjoy exquisite clarity and vivid, natural colors with every shot, above are some pictures taken by Rio.

Allcall Rio camera sample


Android 7.0 systems canceled the multi-level menu, easy and convenient operating. Android 7.0 split function, now you can run two apps side by side, so go ahead and watch a movie while texting, or read a recipe with your timer open. Some other new function such as notification direct reply, bundled notifications, all this make the Rio more user-friendly.

Allcall Rio price


AllCall Rio packing 2700mAh Polymer battery with satisfied lasting performance. We have make some battery test, daily stand by about 3 days and calling time for 16 hours as well as video and games times for more than 6 hours, it should thanks to the system optimization.

Allcall Rio review

AllCall Rio Price & Availability

Of course, these are quick experience introduction of AllCall Rio, the device is available for purchase in UK via Amazon at a very affordable price tag of £64.99.

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