Acer Swift 3 SF313 Review: Compact Laptop, Powerful Configuration

Acer Swift 3 SF313 Review, the most compact laptop (with a 13-inch screen only) but still has a powerful, appropriate configuration to study or work. With its mobile design, it will definitely be a favorite product for women. *Note: While reviewing Acer Swift 3 SF313, We think the device is suitable for women, thanks to the main benefits, but other people who like compact laptops with quite a good configuration can choose!

Acer Swift 3 SF313 Review


Compact and light-weight are two of the many criteria when women choose to buy a laptop, and Acer Swift 3 SF313 immediately met those two requirements.

In terms of size, this laptop is slightly “smaller” than A4 paper. Very fit for you to pack in a backpack or bring coffee, meeting with friends.

The weight is only 1.3 kg is definitely light enough to follow you around. Being a girl, no one wants to bring a laptop that is both big and heavy when going to the street, right?

The case on the back of the Acer Swift 3 SF313 is made of metal. The rest of the parts such as the palm rest or the bottom will be made entirely of plastic.

As a result, the weight of the laptop is also significantly reduced when compared to other Swift 3 laptops made entirely of metal.

In terms of color, as far as we know, the Acer Swift 3 SF313 is pretty gray. Hopefully, the manufacturer can bring more pink or other feminine colors for you to choose from.

The hinge of the device is still designed with an opening angle of up to 180 degrees like all other Swift models, providing mobility and flexibility in use.

With its slim and lightweight design, Swift 3 SF313 cannot have too many connection ports, but just enough common ports for you to use. The ports on the device include:

The left edge owns the charging port, USB 3.1 port, 3.5 mm headphone port and micro SD card slot (designed like a SIM slot for a smartphone).

Meanwhile, the right edge will have USB 3.0, HDMI and USB – C ports respectively.


Like other Swift series laptops, Swift 3 SF313 is also equipped with a wide view screen, with Full HD resolution and ultra-thin edge design. Thanks to its smaller size (only 13.3 inches), the pixel density is also thicker, the display becomes sharper.

Using the fact that we see the screen brightness at a relatively high level, ie the device will be suitable for working indoors or outdoors. Screen colors are beautiful and subdued, will help reduce eye strain when using the device for a long time.

Keyboard, Trackpad and Fingerprint sensor

As for the keyboard on the Swift line, we don’t see much change, even for Acer Swift 3 SF313. The keys have a short journey (due to the thinness of the device), the feeling of the keys is bouncing. Although the body is quite small, the key is made a bit bigger and the distance is reasonable, so when we type, we feel very comfortable.

In addition, the laptop is also equipped with a backlight keyboard to serve the typing task in the dim-light environment (specifically in the evening). It has a white backlight and we see moderate brightness, not too harsh, makes the eyes comfortable when working.

As for the trackpad, we feel smooth and fast. Similarly, the mouse pointer on the device also gives quick and accurate feedback. In general, there is nothing to criticize this move.

A familiar fingerprint sensor placed on the right corner of the screen. This is a one-touch sensor, giving fast and accurate feedback, which enhances the security of the device. We still test the unlocking speed of this sensor and the result is still about 1 second to identify and go straight to Windows.


The configuration of the Acer Swift 3 SF313 version we use for review, including:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 8250U
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard drive: 256 GB SSD
  • Integrated graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 620.

Overall, this is a fairly powerful configuration, well-battleable for office needs as well as gentle entertainment.

In the evaluation section with Geekbench software, the laptop achieved 20,453 points. This is also a high number compared to the laptops in the same segment with the same configuration.

It also owns 256GB SSD drive, so we measure the hard drive speed of reading/writing with Crystal Disk Mark software, the result is maximum reading speed up to 1,527 MB / s and maximum write speed of up to 843 MB /S. This makes the laptop run a lot faster, along with the time it takes to open the application will only take a few seconds.

After a week of using the device, we were impressed with the speed of turning on / off the device or opening the application and multitasking. Specifically, there have been times when we have opened up to 40 Chrome tabs, then opened Word to edit the text but the laptop still works smoothly and normally.

Moreover, we continue to open the game CS: GO to play with. Tab switching takes place very quickly between games and Chrome right away. We also see Chrome tabs that have not been reloaded since the beginning, but immediately displayed. At the time of such a test, the RAM capacity was only 77%.

However, we found CS: GO to play a bit uncomfortable due to low FPS so we decided to turn off all the software and only run the game. As a result, the game was a bit smoother because we lowered the configuration to a minimum.

We feel that the player is stable at 30 FPS, just enough for an entertaining shooting. As if in the above video sometimes down to 1x, it’s difficult to shoot.

With this configuration level, Acer Swift 3 SF313 can completely balance all normal office applications and the performance you just showed will help you feel secure to use the laptop quickly and smoothly.

Even play some popular games like League of Legends at the average configuration still delicious for entertainment. Or if you like, it can still play Pikachu at 60 FPS.


The cooling system on the laptop consists of a single fan and suction slots, pushing the wind on the rear edge close to the hinge. Due to the use of plastic material for the rest of the part, the absorbed temperature will be absorbed less and slower than the metal.

Our feeling of use after more than 2 hours is still cool. Only when playing games or running Photoshop to process multiple photos at the same time, the temperature will rise to about 80 degrees Celsius and will drop quite quickly if the game or heavy software is turned off.

The heat after 3 hours of use is about 5x degrees Celsius. This is a normal level for most laptops today, not too cool. But it is not too hot in the outer part of the palm rest. If we sit in an air-conditioned office, you will always feel that the device is still cool.

Battery life

According to the specifications described in the device, the battery life of Acer Swift 3 SF313 can be up to 13 hours of continuous use.

In fact, we use the maximum screen brightness, continuous on WiFi, 50% volume level, use multitasking with office software, gaming, … Combining calculation and measurement with Batterymon software, the average battery life of Swift 3 SF313 when fully charged will be 8 hours.

So you only need to fully charge the laptop and can safely bring your laptop to the office for a long day without fear of running out of battery halfway.

Final line

Summary of the Acer Swift 3 SF313 is the beautiful, compact, and has a lightweight design. Comes with a sharp Full HD screen, smooth configuration and best performance for office tasks, and most importantly all-day battery life.

This will be the most powerful laptop for those who prefer powerful and compact laptops in their daily work, helping to speed up and even improve productivity.

What do you like best about this laptop? Please leave a comment below.

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