Acer Enduro N3 Rugged Laptop and T1 Rugged Tablet now Available on Amazon

Under the brand name Enduro, Acer is introducing particularly rugged laptop and tablets that are designed for use under the toughest conditions. Specifically, this means that they can withstand bumps and other mechanical influences and are sealed against water splash and dust. This allows their problem-free outdoor use in the open air even in adverse environments and also in production plants, where sometimes the chips literally fly.

Acer Enduro N3 Rugged Laptop and T1 Rugged Tablet

For photographers and filmmakers who often take their pictures under adverse environmental conditions and want to use a suitably rugged tablet or laptop, but also for other user groups (construction, industry, etc.).
The Acer Enduro heavy duty laptop computer devices are aimed at photographers and filmmakers who, for example, work in the landscape, outdoor action/sports, wildlife, or industry and use a notebook or tablet (e.g. for Tethered photo shoots, image control/sending while on the go, etc.), but also to other professionals – e.g. from agriculture, industry, blue light organizations (such as fire brigade) who want/need to use equipment that is as resistant as possible.

The Acer Enduro series is a range of extremely rugged and semi-rugged tablets and laptops that are specially designed for use under the toughest conditions. The fully rugged devices are IP65 certified, optimally protected against water, dust, and dirt, and thus perfect companions in agriculture or on construction sites or filmmakers/photographers outdoors. (An IP65 certification states that a device is “dust-tight” and does not allow dust to penetrate and that a jet of water sprayed against the housing from any direction must not have any harmful effects.)

The semi-rugged devices, on the other hand, are IP53-54 certified. They are lighter, but still very robust and therefore ideal for daily, long hours of use in retail, in workshops, in logistics, or at port/films that travel a lot and shoot at different locations. (An IP53 certification means that a device is “dust-proof”, allows only limited ingress of dust, and can withstand water splashes.) In addition to physical protection, the devices in the Enduro range also offer a variety of security and administrative services, such as the Acer Enduro Management Suite (AEMS).

Acer Enduro N3 Semi-Rugged Laptop

Acer Enduro N3 Rugged Laptop and T1 Rugged Tablet

The “Enduro N3” laptop offers a balance between durability and portability. It is ideal for use in retail, workshops, and logistics and for people who frequently switch between different working environments. The Enduro N3 is resistant to moisture, has Corning Gorilla Glass to protect the display from water ingress, and the unique Aquafan technology. If liquid gets into the fan, it is pushed out again through a special outlet. The fan itself is also water-repellent. The rugged laptop is IP533 and MIL-STD 810G certified and has a flat and light chassis with a height of only 24.85 mm and a weight of less than 2 kg.

Thanks to technologies such as TPM, AEMS, and password-protected hard drives, protection against cyber threats is also ensured. The security and management tools ensure that all work is optimally protected thanks to the device up to 13-hour battery life. The Enduro N3 has a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor and up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM for reliable performance. An optional NVIDIA GeForce MX230 GPU and a 512 GB PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSD make the device attractive even for users with a high workload.

Acer Enduro N3 Semi-Rugged Laptop has been priced at $1,114 and is now available to buy on and websites.

Acer Enduro T1 Semi-Rugged Tablet

Acer Enduro T1 Rugged Tablet

The Acer Enduro T1 (ET110-31 W) is an IP543 and MIL-STD 810G certified 25.6 cm (10.1-inch) rugged windows tablet that can also be used as a notebook thanks to the optional keyboard portfolio. An “Intel Celeron” processor and 64 GB eMMC storage space make it a reliable and convenient option for outdoor work. It can also be used with gloves.

The Acer Enduro T1 with the Android operating system (ET108-11 A) is especially suitable for retail, warehouse, and factory workers. The compact 20.3 cm (8-inch) Android tablet is IP54 and MIL-STD810G certified and has a number of optional accessories and programmable buttons with which it can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements. It can also be used with gloves.

Acer Enduro T1 ET110-31W-C2KN Rugged Tablet has been priced at $565.31 and it is also available to buy on the website.

Acer recently has also announced the updated version of the Predator Orion 3000 gamer computer desktop which is now available to purchase in the USA, pricing starts from $989 and it can be purchased through,, and online stores. As is well known, the Acer Predator Orion 3000 is a mid-range series of the gaming tower in terms of price and specifications. But that didn’t stop Acer from implanting the latest hardware to make them the best PC for gaming.

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