A New Player in Graphics Tablets Market: Xencelabs Pen Tablet

Xencelabs has introduced the new art tablets. Xencelabs Pen Tablet is devoid of “unnecessary” buttons, but it is completed (for an additional fee) a multifunctional accessory with 40 customizable shortcuts from various applications.

Xencelabs art tablets

Xenselabs is the only company today to ship two cordless pens with every graphics tablets. Feathers vary in size and thickness. The thinner nib has two additional buttons, while the larger nib has three – suitable for 3D artists.

Xenselabs believes that one nib may not meet all the needs of an artist and therefore offers two different nibs in a set. Both pens have an eraser function and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, can detect tilt, and have virtually no lag when working.

The pentablet itself is designed in such a way that the palm does not get tired when working with it. There is a dedicated palm rest.

The aspect ratio of the tablet is 16: 9. Tablet thickness is 8 mm. You can use your wireless drawing tablet wirelessly or with a USB cable. It features color LED active area indicators with eight color options.

Xencelabs pen tablet

According to the manufacturer, when creating the art tablets, they started from the idea that each artist works in his own way, while Xencelabs wanted to keep the digital sketchpad minimalism, but also wanted to give content creators more options for quick access to tools in the editors. For this, an additional accessory is used – the Quick Keys remote control.

Quick Keys offers five sets of eight keys for 40 customizable keyboard shortcuts (per application). The remote is equipped with an OLED screen to display the function of each key and can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

The Xenselabs Digital Drawing Pad Pen tablet is currently available for $279.99 on Amazon.com with a 2-pens kit, and if you want a kit that includes a Quick Keys remote control, the kit will cost $360.

In addition, an optional fine nib is available for $47, While a large three-button nib is available for $50. And several additional nibs are available at prices from $9 to 14. You can also purchase a separate Quick Keys remote control for $90.

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