4 Games Leading the Way in Online Slots’ Exploding Popularity

Much like the video game industries growth over the past few decades, the popularity of online slot games has seen a similar upward trend. Throughout this period the games have evolved too across both gaming platforms with the titles now looking distinctly different from their original form.

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Take the aesthetics in the games on something like the retro classic Space Invaders on the Atari VCS and compare it to the modern-day titles like Deathloop on the PS5. It shows how much things have developed, the technology advances, and the titles do too.

Although that doesn’t mean the games of yesterday are completely forgotten in online slots, they’re still rightly revered and their legacy often lives on either with remasters of the original or nods to them in other games.

Let’s take a look at some of the titles which have certainly led the way in the boom of interest in online slots.

Space Invaders

As mentioned already, there is still a lot of love for retro gaming and in online slot games, that’s replicated too. Playtech’s version of the Atari classic continues to get a lot of love from players. It’s a relatively low-key game which helps it retain the charm of the 1970’s arcade blast, it has a simple premise of five rows of reels and subtle touches like the UFO appearing at the top of the screen which needs to be blasted for players to win free respins.

WWE Legends Link & Win

WWE Legends Link & Win is a Ladbrokes exclusive and thus is a game which hasn’t yet had much exposure. As you’d expect it’s a fully licensed, wrestling-themed slot which is based around some of the iconic characters from sports entertainment. The visuals in this title really make it stand out, with winning combinations of symbols triggering videos of the wrestlers showing off their trademark moves. Added into that is the ‘link & win’ feature which is a relatively new concept in slot games – land 6 coins on the same spin and it gives players a chance of winning a jackpot which is 5,000 times their stake!

San Quentin xWays

This title certainly has Grand Theft Auto to thank for its look although it’s named after one of the most infamous prisons in the US. It has a slight cartoony tone to its graphical style and has a thumping soundtrack to go with it. Nolimit City has made a really good job of keeping the player’s eyes transfixed on the screen as there’s so much going on. The base five reels game isn’t the star here; it’s the enhancements and extras which are thrown in. Free spins, x16 prize multipliers, all of which are accompanied by their own unique sounds. It’s certainly an aural experience like no other!

Starburst XXXtreme

Starburst is a title that has been so popular in online slots, so a sequel to it was always on the cards and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Set in outer space with an electro soundtrack, Starburst XXXtreme looks simple, sharp, and clean. It’s refreshing to see a title that is programmed well and doesn’t feel like it has to have over-elaborate visuals to impress, think of something akin to Tetris and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

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