4 Best FPS Games for 2022

The Cream of the Crop

Modern gaming is a genre of art in and of itself, and within that genre are endless sub-genres, such as First Person Shooters and OTS (Over The Shoulder) games. Some are action, some horror, some RPG, some all three.

Best FPS Games for 2022

Scorn for the Nightmare Fuel

So you love the Alien franchise, yes? H.R. Giger was the artist responsible for much of the artwork in that franchise, and he is often under-recognized, or at least that’s how he feels. Regardless, if you love the sort of creepy aesthetic of Alien, or the Silent Hill games, Scorn could be for you.

It’s a game made out of nightmare fuel and fun. In terms of first-person horror exploration, this is a stand-out. You’ll have unidentified baddies coming at you from all angles, and you don’t find out what’s going on until you make your way deeper into the game, adding to the mystery.

Exomecha Brings the Sci-Fi Action

Not everybody wants to be horrified by their FPS gaming experience though, a lot of people want to save the day and blow up the bad guys, and that’s what Exomecha excels at. Explosions, bullets, spaceships, and more define this Microsoft outing into science fiction madness. There’s a free-to-play multiplayer function, and mechs galore.

From melee combat through massive mechs to finely animated spectacle, this game is fun, gorgeous, and can be played on PC or Xbox.

“New” Classic Military Action Through Rainbow Six: Extraction

The Rainbow Six series has been around for a few decades now, since the N64 days. Now this game has some history behind it, in that the realism of such action was a very core component of gameplay. However, in 2022, aliens have entered the mix, and that changes everything.

You’re in a team of three and you infiltrate diverse alien maps to take out the bad guys. It’s classic espionage, “sneaking” action a-la Metal Gear Solid, but with that proprietary Rainbow Six Flavor. It’s been out since January and currently holds a 7/10 rating from IGN.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chernobyl – It’s Epic

You may not be familiar with the Soviet film Stalker, about a dude who brings clients on tours through an exclusion zone much like Chernobyl. This movie actually came out before the Chernobyl disaster; it’s weirdly prophetic.

At any rate, S.T.A.L.K.E.R the game came out, which does borrow at least a little from Tarkovsky’s film. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s a fine action outing. The game, similar to Deus Ex entries, is that peculiar iteration of RPG that leans on first-person action.

Best FPS Games for 2022

A Fine Year for Shooters

2022 is a fine year for FPS games, and you can keep up to date on both these games, and the trends that follow them, through sites like FPS Champion. Check out this article by FPS Champion for an example, it has to do with some of the best Fortnite skins out there.

Between S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2, Rainbow Six: Extraction, ExoMecha, and Scorn, you’ve got some astonishing options this year; but by no means are these the only fine FPS shooters of the last several months. We’re halfway through 2022, and there are more to come.

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