3 Benefits to owning a Corner Toilet

When designing a house, most designers think about the bathroom last. Most times, the bathroom ends up being a small, cramped space that leaves you with little space for your legs. With the increasing population of people living in the city, most apartments are designed to occupy the smallest spaces possible. This results in small bathrooms that are not spacious.

To ensure you have a spacious bathroom in a small space, you can design a corner toilet that’s specially designed to fit in the corner of your bathroom rather than at the center. This leaves you with more space. Corner toilets are available in many different designs, styles and colors. They are also corner toilets that are designed specifically to meet a certain need such as germ battling or water saving.

Here are three major benefits of owning a corner toilet:

  1. Saves space

Do you feel claustrophobic every time you get into your bathroom? Do you always wish you had more space in your bathroom? Then, you should get a corner toilet. A corner toilet is designed in a triangular shape so that it can fit in the space where two walls meet. Unlike the normal toilets that are placed at the center of the bathroom, a corner toilet seats at the corner of the bathroom leaving more space.  Corner toilets for saving space are available in different designs, prices and shapes giving you a variety of options to choose from. With a corner toilet in your bathroom, you will have more space and freedom to add items in your bathroom. You can add a handheld showerhead, put in the laundry basket and much more and still maintain a spacious look. An example of a corner toilet is the American Standard Corner Toilet-270BD. You can check homeworthylist’s suggestions for more examples of corner toilets, their advantages and disadvantages and their prices.

  1. Designed with different technologies

Corner toilets are not only designed to save space in your bathroom but they are also designed with different technologies. There are some corner toilets that are specifically designed to save water. These toilets have less gallons per flush. This helps you to save on water bills and become more eco-friendly. There are other corner toilets that are designed to make cleaning the toilet easier. These types of toilets are made using a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Others have a coat that resists molds and bacteria to keep the toilet germs free.  There are also some corner toilets that have bowls with holes. These holes help to keep the bowl clean because they produce more water.

  1. Different options

Corner toilets gives you the flexibility to choose if you want to change the entire toilet or just the bowl or the tank. This flexibility enables you to choose what best suites you. There are some elongated bowls that are thinner and longer giving your bathroom a fashionable look. There are other bowls that are round to save more space in your bathroom. Corner toilets are easy to install. Therefore you do not need to tear down the wall to put them up. Some of them do not require an expert to install them but all you need is a manual.

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