1More iBFree Review: IPX4 Sports Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless Headphones

1More USA manufacturer has been in the business of Bluetooth accessories for a while now, and has made a special effort to establish itself in the high-definition audio market. Products such as the Triple Driver and Dual Driver In-ear headphones have shown that 1More is taking this segment rather seriously. 1More’s products range in price from $19.99 to $99.99, and today we’re looking at the 1More iBFree review, which have an MRP of just $59.99. download (8)

The iBFree sport Wireless Headphones, apart from playing audio wirelessly using Bluetooth, the headset is also IPX4 certified and collaborated with Luca Bignardi to deliver a precise sound of your favorite playlist to blend with your workout.


The 1More iBFree headset is made of an extremely lightweight and durable aluminum alloy body. The surfaces are enhanced by CNC precision carving and sand blasting to prevent fingerprints and scratches.

The 1 More Headphone features the winged tips to ensure a secure fit which is particularly important during workouts to prevent sweat entering your ears. download

It has a short cable that slips behind your neck and connects the two earpieces. There is an in-line remote on the cable, which features the volume up button which can be used to go previous track; volume down button for the next track and power button between them, which can be used to answer calls, and play music on a paired device; and the microphone. The cable is effectively tangle-resistant because it’s so short.

The IPX4 waterproof performance means that it can protect the headset from water splash at any direction, to ensure the normal use of headphones and wire control. In other words, regardless of drizzle or sweat, iBFree headphones are intact.

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In our testing we found that the 1More iBFree headphones didn’t fall out of our ears easily. These are quite good fitting earphones till now. Adding to the comforts are the soft and flexible tips that feel like small balls of cotton. download (9)

The iBFree also has clips, so it can be secured around your neck when you are running. Even if it is not new, this is quite a handy feature, especially when you are exercising.


The Earbuds is officially rated as having a battery life of up to 8 hours on a full charge, but we found that it actually runs for 7 hours at maximum volume (320kbps mp3). This is an acceptable, as you will not need to charge it far too often.


Listening to the different tracks, it became clear that this iBFree earphones really does deliver good bass. As a bonus, it also sounds good in the upper ends of the spectrum.

It goes well with vocal music, making it clear what work was performed by musicians. Sound performed very harmonious, and even default settings pleases its beauty.

Overall, the 1More iBFree sounds nice, but the bass is quite powerful, but we noted had a very well balanced sound.


1More iBFree supports Bluetooth 4.1 technology, so all Bluetooth enabled devices currently available on the market are compatible. Press the middle button for three seconds to turn on the headset, and LED will flash in blue, replaced by red, the headphones says “Pairing”. If it finds the sound source, the headset announces “Connected”, press the middle button for five seconds, the headset will once again enter the pairing mode. download (7)

Final line

1More is doing a good job in putting out reasonably priced audio products which deliver quality, and aren’t a lot of other choices at this price point which sound much better. There’s a lot to like about the iBFree headphones.

Build quality seems reasonable, and it’s light and comfortable too. Available for just $59.99 via Amazon, the 1More iBFree Wireless heafphones is a good budget-friendly option for people willing to look some portable, easy to use and sport wireless headset that you will probably grow to love for the quality of its sound performance.

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