Why QLED TV? – Explained in Video by Samsung

If this question arises in your mind – Why QLED TV? or What is QLED?, as an answer to this Samsung has uploaded three new videos to illustrate the specifications of QLED TV. New Samsung QLED 2017 TV series deal with various subjects including Quantum Dot and all related aspects such as new materials and color volume, contrast ratio and HDR, design and innovation with regard to ease of installation.

Samsung QLED TV

At the heart of Samsung’s new QLED TVs are ‘Quantum Dots’, which are nano-sized particles that turn light into color. This new technology allows for darker blacks, and brighter whites, with the TVs capable of hitting brightness levels between 1500-2000 cd/m2 nit (depending on model).

What’s more, the Samsung QLED TVs support 100 percent color volume – DCI-P3 (certified by the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechnieker, VDE), which, simply put, means they are capable of reproducing accurate colors even at very low or very high brightness levels.

The company is claiming improved stability and efficiency in technology with its new range of QLED TVs. Samsung New TVs 2017 UHD and QLED TVs lineup come with support for HDR 10 Plus, which features dynamic tone mapping for improved viewing experience. The QLED TVs also promise consistent colors irrespective of the viewing angle.

Samsung has developed a new No Gap wall mount solution that makes the TV absolutely merge with the wall, resulting in a nicer overall finish. Samsung says the design of the No Gap wall mount will be open, which means you will be able to buy third-party mounts that achieve the same effect. If putting the TV on a wall is not your thing, you will be able to choose between Samsung’s Gravity Stand and the Studio Stand to position your QLED TV where you like, while making sure it fits in elegantly with its surroundings.

This year Samsung has introduced new design elements that can adapt to any home environment. Samsung aims to address that with a new Invisible optical cable that is barely visible and much longer than most cables. Samsung’s new 1.8mm see-through cable blends in with white walls, and once its paired with the Samsung One Connect Box, it will be the only cable connected to your Samsung QLED TV.

New Samsung QLED TV 2017 series will ship with up to 5 meters long Invisible optical cable, while a 15-meters cable can be purchased separately. Samsung is also tweaking the QLED TV comes with voice control, including the ability to search for content across various services. Of course, control over Samsung Smart View app using your Android and iOS devices, or simply cast videos from your phone to the your Samsung QLED TV.

Samsung QLED TV Price and Availability

Samsung has announced a total of 12 QLED TVs across its Q7, Q8, and Q9 line-up, with screen size between 49- and 88-inches, though the exact availability of models may vary across regions. The Q9 and Q8 series will feature TVs with flat and curved panels respectively, while the Q7 includes both curved and flat panel televisions.

Some of the new Samsung QLED TV 2017 models are now available for purchase on Amazon and B&HPhoto online e-commerce store in the US market and, prices starting at $2,797.99.

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