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VJJB N1 Review: Premium Headphones in Budget

Some of the foremost fun audio product we’ve used over the past year have returned from a little known Chinese brand that few folks have even detected of. Quite presumably the best-built in-ear headphones we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, the VJJB N1 headphones outlined precisely what premium meant. The N1 was innovative earphones that offered distinctive transparent design, interchangeable cables, and an impressive sound. Here we have a VJJB N1 review, the $30 headphones with a premium look and high quality in sound.

VJJB N1 Review


The VJJB N1 headphones is a dynamic driver receiver, that includes the HiFi technology. The first impression is its comes in the stylish package, Inside the box, we find a neat package.

The headphones come with two different interchangeable bulletproof copper cables, one with mic and other one is without a mic and have a 1.2m length. They can easily be unmounted on or off by hand, although some care should be taken when doing this.

There is six pairs of ear tips: five single-flanged pairs and one memory foam pairs. A carry pouch and user manual are also included in the package. The cable is TPE coated with a 400DB pressure, making it extremely tangle-free. It feels sufficiently sturdy, and also gives the premium look and feel as the rest of the unit.


The VJJB N1 features an additional customerized voice coil situated within the annular magnet, with each coil operating independently to produce part of the frequency range. The inner coil produces bass and lower-mid tones, while the outer one generates upper-mid and treble frequencies.

It comes with two 6mm dynamic drivers in each earphone. Frequency response ranges from 10Hz-20000Hz, sensitivity measures in at 102dB, and impedance is 8Ohms.

The earphones feel solid, sturdy and premium, and a vast number of ear tips provided means that you’ll likely find ones that fit you well. On the whole, we’re happy with how comfortably and securely the N1 fits, as well as the level of sound isolation it offers.

The AUX plugs are metal on both cables, as mentioned above, one cable without an in-line remote and microphone, but the other cable does have those features.


The boost to the bass frequencies was marginal, however, it might positively be felt. It was mild and unobtrusive, giving the sound simply a touch of aggression while not changing into too overpowering.

The vocal is revealing and open, with plenty of detail to be found as well as excellent separation of various tones. The earphones offer an excellent, wide-open sound stage, highlighting just how capable they are in achieving a true high-resolution sound.

Final line

The VJJB N1 headphones offer a more when it comes to detail, definition, clarity, and of course its pricing is about $30, can be purchased in USA and UK via Amazon online stores.

The N1 earphones are super-affordable, you’ll have trouble finding headphones that look premium, and sound high as good at this low price.

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