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Ultimate Buying Guide: Nintendo Switch Accessories

The new Nintendo Switch console has been a huge success and many accessories have been made. Let’s see which of these are worth buying?

Nintendo Switch accessories

The new Nintendo home console has been a huge success. The Switch has managed to conquer many users at first place, thanks to its exclusive Nintendo Switch games, such as Super Mario and Zelda, and for the potential it has. In fact, it can be used as a living room as well as a portable console. The huge success has led to the creation of many accessories, such as controllers, microSD cards, cases, and stands.

In this ultimate buying guide of the Nintendo Switch accessories, we have collected most of the best Nintendo Switch accessories and divided them by category.

Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector


[amazon box=”B06XTCKBVM” /]

These tempered glass help protect the display of our console. In this way we will avoid scratches and accidental damage, leaving the Switch display safe. The glass is only 0.33 mm thick and ensures high transparency and responsiveness.


[amazon box=”B01N3ASPNV” /]

This amFilm tempered glass screen protector helps protect the console display optimally. It guarantees up to 99.9% transparency and a 0.33mm thickness guarantees a high level of protection. Two films are supplied in the package.

Nintendo Switch Cases


[amazon box=”B07C91PXNM” /]

The protective cases help us to transport the console in an absolutely safe way. The iVoler Nintendo Switch Case is one of the best and has a waterproof coating that prevents water infiltration. In addition, there are some compartments that allow us to insert the Joy-Con, the various games, and cables.

In the package, there is also a protective tempered glass of good quality. A bargain not to be missed!

Orzly Travel Carry Case

[amazon box=”B01NAUKS62″ /]

With this price, Orzly really speaks for itself! This Nintendo Switch travel case is very comfortable, durable and well made! Also has many compartments, designed intelligently, and as if that was not enough is sold in many different colors.

RLSOCO Carry Case

[amazon box=”B0762HG88J” /]

If you are looking for a Nintendo Switch case with an excellent quality this model could be your next choice. You can insert the console, the Joy-Con, a controller, the power supply, the dock, 21 cartridges and various cables. It is also equipped with a padding that provides excellent protection against accidental impact. There are a handle and a comfortable shoulder strap that facilitates the transport of the case.

MicroSD cards

SanDisk Official Nintendo License

[amazon box=”B075RH7P4F” /] [amazon box=”B075RH8PTL” /]

Few people know it, but the SanDisk itself in collaboration with Nintendo has thought of these MicroSD cards performing and suitable for gaming! Their peculiarity, as well as being very capacious (well 64GB or 128GB in this case) is that they are characterized by a high speed of reading/writing data that allows the Nintendo Switch to load/download quickly the game data, and then to give you a better experience!

Samsung Evo Plus 128GB

[amazon box=”B06XFHQGB9″ /]

The Samsung Evo Plus 128GB microSD card is perfect for storing data on our console. Thanks to its large storage capacity. The 32GB of internal storage of the console run out quickly and we need a secondary memory card to store the data of the various games.

Nintendo Switch Stand

Hori stand

[amazon box=”B01N9RTMWS” /]

The stands are objects that help us to play comfortably with our console. They are used to support the Switch, allowing us to play with the controller. The Hori stand is a product characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio. It can be adapted to various heights and angles and can be closed to be transported easily.

External batteries

The external batteries, or called the PowerBank, are essentially Lithium batteries (very similar to the ones we installed in the smartphone) but extremely capacious and above all portable anywhere! Having one of these with you during a trip or otherwise while you are out is practically a must.

[amazon box=”B0176HQ1O8″ /] [amazon box=”B01422TC14″ /] [amazon box=”B075LBHQVZ” /] [amazon box=”B075YS8C8H” /]

These are some of the PowerBank that we recommend you buy and that we have selected for their battery capacity (20,000mAh) and for their quality/price ratio.

Nintendo Switch Controller


[amazon box=”B01N6QJ58Y” /]

They are the original controllers of the Nintendo Switch and we decided to insert them in case you had to buy one more (also because you can buy separately the right and the left) or if you want to buy other colors. There are really many available!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

[amazon box=”B075MYT126″ /]

We recommend the official Nintendo controller for your console with your eyes closed. Few third-party models manage to reach its quality. This model is perfect for those who prefer a controller of this type to the Joy-Con supplied with the console.


[amazon box=”B07B94GV68″ /]

An economical alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the Tutuo Bluetooth controller. It is equipped with an excellent quality/price ratio and a good build quality. Connection and combination with the console are quick and easy.

Comfort/Charging Grip

Power A

[amazon box=”B01NBVACKX” /]

This object allows us to have more comfort while using the Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch. The two Joy-Con are inserted into the Power A Grip in an easy and fast way. It will allow an excellent grip and the material quality is close to that of the original accessory.

Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip

[amazon box=”B01N33MFPK” /]

Another interesting alternative is this charging grip. Basically, it is a normal Power A like the one seen previously (to which you will connect the two Joy-Con to play). Its peculiarity, however, lies in its Type-C input which allows it to be connected to a power source to recharge the Joy-Con while you are using them. Brilliant!

Tutuo Comfort Grip

[amazon box=”B07122RRRF” /]

But if you are looking for something really cheap, then once again we recommend you to rely on Tutuo with its simple comfort Grip, but incredibly convenient and cheap! Very easy to use because you will not have to do is insert the Joy-Con and start playing! It also has LEDs to see the operating status.

Orzly Steering Wheel

[amazon box=”B076TMH7JT” /]

This is a Grip that allows us to play comfortably in racing games, like Super Mario Kart. In this package, there are four steering wheels of three different colors (two black, one blue and one red).

Joy-Con Chargers

Nintendo Switch Dock Set

[amazon box=”B06ZZ6FGGL” /]

You know this accessory well because it is nothing more than the official Dock Set that you will receive in the pack with the Nintendo Switch to recharge it while you play or to connect it to the TV. If yours is broken and you are not covered by warranty or you want to buy a second for security, here you are served!

Hori Joy-Con Charge

[amazon box=”B01MZAUN5E” /]

This is a great Joy-Con charger. Up to four controllers can be recharged simultaneously. At the top, there are four LEDs that indicate the charge status of each individual controller.

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