Top 5 Impressive Points of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 5G With Surround Display

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 5G concept phone debuted with a Surround Display design from front to back, which was extremely unexpected and no other company in the market has ever done. So, here are the Top 5 impressive points on this strange phone of Xiaomi.

1. Surround Display

This is the most special feature of the Mi Mix Alpha. Instead of a curved screen or a folding display, Xiaomi has an extremely bold idea: the screen is covered from front to back (180.6% of the front). The back only has a black band to hold the camera and logo, the rest of the Mi Mix Alpha’s body is the screen. It’s unbelievable that a phone like this can appear in 2019, it looks like a hybrid device.

And because the surrounding display, the volume up and down buttons will no longer be physical, Xiaomi turns them into virtual buttons, it’s still on the edge. Look at the strikingly brutal device.

2. 108MP Image Sensor

Mi Mix Alpha uses a 108MP image sensor researched by Xiaomi in collaboration with Samsung. It comes with a 1/1.33″ Samsung HMX sensor, which is larger than the Lumia 1020 (1/1.5″). It uses Tetracell technology allowing the sensor to imitate big-pixel sensors, producing brighter 27MP images and supports four-in-one Super Pixel to produce large 1.6μm pixels under low-light conditions. A good support for the ability to take pictures in low light conditions.

The camera also supports new technologies such as ISOCELL Plus and smart ISO and is equipped with four-axis optical image stabilization (OIS) to ensure stable videos. There is also a 20MP ultra wide-angle camera which supports 1.5 cm super macro and a 12MP telephoto camera that supports 2x optical zoom and Dual PD focus.

3. Made of Titanium

The Mi MIX Alpha uses a combination of titanium alloy, ceramics, and sapphire for its build. The parts that are not covered by the screen, namely the top and bottom edges of the device, are made from titanium of the same type used in aviation. This makes the device lighter than using stainless steel. Clearly a super high-end phone.

The top and bottom parts of the frame are built with aerospace-grade titanium alloy, while the back with the entire protective cover for the camera area uses a single piece of sapphire glass, which is embedded in the ceramic.

4. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus

Not only the image sensor but the Snapdragon 855 Plus with Qualcomm X50 modem for 5G also play the latest, most powerful products today.

The biggest change of Snapdragon 855 Plus compared to the 855 is that upgraded GPU – Adreno 640 GPU is clocked up, so the graphics processing performance increases by 15%, meaning you play games, record 4K movies, watch 4K videos will be smoother. Kryo 485 CPU cores also increased by 4% of the clock to 2.96GHz (maximum).

It also packs 12GB of RAM, 40W fast charging, and when charging, it will have the effect of running the battery as shown below, looks cool.

5. Mi Mix Alpha Price

Remember the early Mi Mix, it was a phone that opened the trend of thin bezels and also proves Xiaomi is not the mediocre kind of just copying competitors. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 5G has once again shown that, but the device only sells in limited quantities in China at the end of December, and its price in China will be CNY – 19,999 – approximately $2800,

Xiaomi says the Mi Mix Alpha will act as a concept phone device and it is not planning to start mass production anytime soon.

Who knows, maybe in the near future, Mi Mix Alpha will be sold in large quantities.

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