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Viltrox S 20mm T2.0 Cine Lens for Panasonic, Leica L-Mount: Pre-order, Specs, More

After the availability of the AF 85mm F1.8 FE II for full-frame Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras, Viltrox has now made available the Viltrox S 20mm T2.0 Cine Lens for Panasonic and Leica L-Mount mirrorless cameras. The New Viltrox lens consists of twelve elements in nine groups, including a series of aspherical and low dispersion elements. The wide-angle design and fast …

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Viltrox 33mm f1.4 and 23mm f1.4 For Fujifilm X Received New Firmware Update

Viltrox has released new firmware updates for Fujifilm X-mount lenses with autofocus: Viltrox 33mm f1.4 AF and 23mm f1.4 AF. Both Viltrox lenses received the following improvements: Solved the problem of the unreasonable jump to A mode at f 1.4Optimized the problem of inaccurate position at infinity, resulting in a blurring of autofocus at long distanceSolved the problem of not …

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Viltrox AF 85mm F1.8 FE II Portrait Lens for Sony E Mount

Viltrox has now made available its new AF portrait lens: Viltrox AF 85mm F1.8 FE II for full-frame Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. The first version of the Sony E mount lens was introduced exactly a year ago. The Viltrox AF 85mm F1.8 FE II is a relatively light lens, its weight is only 484g. The minimum focusing distance is 0.8m …

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Viltrox 23mm f1.4 Lens for Fujifilm X Mount now Available to Purchase

The new Viltrox 23mm f1.4 autofocus lens, which is designed for Fujifilm X APS-C format mirrorless cameras, is now available for purchase. The lens has been priced at $329 and it is now available to buy through the online shop. The date of when it will be possible to buy this lens for Sony E and Canon M is …

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Deals: Save $15 Off the Viltrox EF-M1 Lens Adapter With This Coupon

Viltrox EF-M1 lens adapter

Want to make your camera system much more variable? This Viltrox EF-M1 lens adapter can make many EF/EF-S series lenses fit on M4/3 cameras. Lens adapters can open your world to an array of alternatives, whether the glass you crave is bizarre, classic, or simply no longer made. If you own a Canon EF/EF-S series lenses, Panasonic and Olympus Micro …

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