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Samsung Will announce wall-mountable NW700 Soundbar Sound+ at CES 2018

wall-mountable soundbar

Samsung has announced that the company will launch a new wall-mountable soundbar called NW700 Soundbar Sound+ at the Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2018, to be held on January 2018 in Las Vegas. A successor of the MS650 Soundbar Sound+, the NW700 Soundbar offers powerful audio and integrates a woofer developed by the Samsung Audio Lab. Among the features of …

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Samsung launches Soundbar Sound+ MS750 and MS751 With integrated Subwoofer

Samsung Soundbar Sound+ MS751

Samsung has begun distributing the Soundbar Sound+ HW-MS750 / HW-MS751, these model were first introduced at CES 2017. These new models are part of the Samsung Soundbar Sound+ series and differ from other models when it comes with an integrated subwoofer. Inside it total of 11 speakers and 5.1 channel system. Each with dedicated amplifiers, including 3 wide-range tweeters, 6 …

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New Samsung All-In-One PC with integrated Soundbar and Kaby Lake SoC

After the announcement of the new Chromebook, Notebook 9 Series, and Odyssey Gaming Notebook, at CES 2017, Samsung has also introduced a new All-In-One PC marked by of its fairly unique design, thanks to an integrated Sound bar at the bottom of display, which also acts as a base to tilt the screen at different angles.  Coming to the new …

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Samsung Soundbar HW-K950 with Dolby Atmos Launching at CES 2016

Samsung promises to launch its first Soundbar HW-K950 to the CES 2016 exhibition, this is a special speaker system features standard Dolby Atmos technology as in the theater, used to enhance the sound quality, deliver realistic and cinematic sounds. This new Samsung Soundbar has 4 speaker solution upward-firing sound beams that bounce off the ceiling and Atmos effect also comes …

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