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Pioneer A-40E Stereo Amplifier with Headphone Output

Pioneer A-40E Stereo Amplifier

Pioneer has announced a new A-40E stereo amplifier model designed to offer attractive features at an affordable price. The steel chassis ensures optimal protection against all types of interference. The front panel and the knob to control volume are made of aluminum alloy. Inside is an over-sized power supply and selected ELNA capacitors, designed specifically for Pioneer. Pioneer A-40E is …

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Pioneer XDP-02U Hi-res Audio Player With 2.4-inch Touch Display Announced

Pioneer XDP-02U Hi-res Audio Player

Pioneer Electronics has announced the new XDP-02U Digital Audio Player (DAP), compatible with hi-res audio audio files. New Pioneer hi-res audio player has smooth rounded edges and comes in three color options: Matte White, Navy Blue and Pink Pearl. The dimensions are 64.5 x 98.2 x 16 mm and weigh 126 grams. The housing has been designed to separate each …

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Pioneer and Onkyo launches New FlareConnect Multi-room Audio Distribution System

Pioneer and Onkyo FlareConnect Multi-room Audio Distribution System

Pioneer and Onkyo have announced FlareConnect, a new proprietary platform for managing multi-room audio. So let’s talk about the FlareConnect multi-room audio distribution system for in-house environments, which allows you to share, distribute and synchronize music over Wi-Fi dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz). You can play both local network files and external audio sources (so also CDs or vinyl) with …

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Pioneer DJ introduces DM-40BT and DM-40BT-W Speakers With Bluetooth

pioneer dm-40bt and dm-40bt-w Bluetooth Speakers

Pioneer DJ has introduced a new home audio system and not only can offer great quality in small dimensions. This is the updated version of the DM-40, the famous 4-inch desktop monitor speaker and now has Bluetooth connectivity. New Pioneer DM-40BT and DM-40BT-W active speakers create a versatile home set-up and at the same time provide rich, balanced audio, perfect …

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Pioneer and Onkyo bring the Chromecast Audio on its Products

Pioneer and Onkyo have released a series of firmware updates to enable the Chromecast Audio streaming capabilities in their products. You can then start streaming from any compatible app on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux PCs. It is connected via Wi-Fi connectivity and there are sampling rates of up to 48 kHz supported for lossless sources. Chromecast built-in allows …

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Pioneer XDP-30R Hi-res Portable audio Player with WiFi

Pioneer has expanded its portable audio player range (DAP: Digital Audio Player) with the release of the all new XDP-30R. The device is virtually identical to the recently announced Onkyo DP-S1, in fact, that’s not surprising since the both companies are part of the same group. Again then we speak of a portable audio player with headphone amplifier and Hi-Res …

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Pioneer SE-CH5T and SE-CH9T In-Ear Hi-Res Audio Headphones Launched

Pioneer Electronics has announced two new In-Ear Hi-Res Audio Headphones in its SE-CH Series. The new line includes two pairs of headphones: Pioneer SE-CH5T and Pioneer SE-CH9T. Both pioneer headphones wireless support a wider frequency range and removable cables compatible with MMCX connector. Both models can fully convey all the fine details while listening to music in the DSD, FLAC …

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Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray Player for PC arrives in US

After announcing the first Ultra HD Blu-ray players for PC, Pioneer is also preparing to bring the products in the West starting from the United States. The upcoming ultra blu ray drive model called the Pioneer BDR-211UBK and uses a SATA 3.0 interface. The ultra hd blu ray drive writer / reader is bundled with the pioneer blu ray software …

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Pioneer Rayz and Rayz Plus Earphones for iOS Devices Announced

Pioneer has introduced its new line of in-ear headphones, called “Rayz”, including Pioneer Rayz and Rayz Plus, specifically for Apple devices, with Lightning connector and six microphones used to provide them with some cool features.   Both the Pioneer Rayz and Rayz Plus earphones also offered all of the benefits of the Apple Lightning Connectors means no additional batteries are …

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