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Audioengine B-Fi WiFi Music Streamer With Multiroom Support

Bluetooth receiver is becoming a trend when most new phones are now launching without 3.5mm port, then Audioengine has brought audio streaming technology over WiFi to users with the new B-Fi music streamer. Audioengine B-Fi capable of streaming music via WiFi with Multiroom support and comes in an extremely compact size. Audioengine B-Fi uses the 802.11a/b (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi standard with …

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Chord Poly Music Streamer to Match with Mojo DAC Amplifier Announced

Chord Poly

Chord has created Poly, a music streamer / player designed to work with Mojo, a name that will be known to many users with the passion for high-quality audio. It is one of the best DAC and powerful portable amplifiers on the market. Chord Poly expands Mojo’s possibilities and goes to create a complete system for playing music. It comes …

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