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Choosing the Right Tech for Your Home Office

A home office can be a way to seriously amplify your productivity. What better way to maximize the amount of work you get done than continuing to work from home after you’ve finished up at the office for the day? Or, maybe you’ve just started working remotely, or your own business, run from home! For any of these options, you’re …

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3 Benefits to owning a Corner Toilet

corner toilets

When designing a house, most designers think about the bathroom last. Most times, the bathroom ends up being a small, cramped space that leaves you with little space for your legs. With the increasing population of people living in the city, most apartments are designed to occupy the smallest spaces possible. This results in small bathrooms that are not spacious. …

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Smart LED Light Bulbs: Home Automation and Smart Home

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Smart lighting is a branch of home automation that allows you to manage and program all the smart LED Light Bulbs in our home remotely! We see the best ones to buy. Lighting is perhaps one of the first steps to be taken when talking about Home Automation because thanks to these smart devices you can manage the led bulbs …

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iLife A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner For Sale With $41 Discount Coupon

iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaners

iLife started as a manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners in 2012, and since the company is always at the peak of development, it researched and developed for several years and in 2012 the first floor robot vacuum with unique infrared eye detection system was introduced and became a huge success globally. Vacuuming is a tiring activity for housewives and obviously …

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Google Home with Google Assistant, answer to rival Amazon Echo

Google has officially launched Google Home – a compact device designed to serve multiple purposes, such as entertainment in the form of streaming music from the equipment, manage daily tasks and search on Google. Google Home with Google Assistant is Google’s answer to its rival Amazon Echo and Alexa Assistant. Mario Queiroz – a vice president of Google products, said …

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