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5 Main Parts Needed To Build A Gaming PC Yourself

Gamers constantly find problems with their computer systems. Without the right technology, a professional gamer cannot achieve the ultimate gaming experience, including speed and connectivity. Fortunately, building a custom gaming PC is not as difficult as it sounds. You can create your own system to play at your desired framerates. More so, you can ensure that your computer can handle all …

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Gaming PC Cases: Which to Buy and Why

Best Gaming PC Cases

Are you looking for a new gaming case for your desktop computer? Let’s see together which are the best models available today. This thing is often considered completely as the aesthetic element, which further refines our PC gaming experience. Obviously, we are talking about the Gaming PC cases, a creative, flexible and very important component. It is essential to protect …

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Zotac Magnus EK and ER series Mini Gaming PC Announced

Zotac Magnus EK and ER

Zotac officially introduces the new Magnus EK and ER series Mini gaming PC solutions that include desktop gaming systems in all respects in the space of a mini PC. All new Zotac mini PCs use Intel Kaby Lake quad-core (EK) and AMD Ryzen (ER) processors, coupled with GeForce GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 graphics cards, obviously produced at home. Both …

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Corsair launches Corsair One Gaming PC Lineup, GTX 1080 Ti, VR Ready

Corsair firm, specialize in gaming accessories and PC components has launched four new gaming computers called Corsair One, Corsair One Pro; and Corsair One Pro and Corsair One Ti are Webstore exclusive editions. All Corsair gaming PC are equipped with a custom water cooling setup for both the CPU and GPU to minimize noise and avoid overheating. Powered with an …

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Zotac launches Zbox Magnus EN1070K Compact PC with GTX 1070

Zotac has launched a new compact Gaming PC called Zbox Magnus EN1070K. This is the latest entry in the Zotac E-series of mini desktop computers, measuring 21 x 20 cm and powered by Kaby Lake processor. Zotac has updated the EN1070K with a Kaby Lake SoC over the EN1070. Now it possesses more powerful configuration with Intel Core i5-7500T Kaby …

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