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Flash Sales on TomTop Have NES Mini Game Console Only For $15.99

Summer vacation season is on the way so you’ll probably have more time to play video games, but that’s not enough of a good reason to miss on the deal we’ll be posting today. Keep reading if you’re in for some good ol’ fun. If you are unable to buy or afford a Nintendo NES classic anymore, or maybe you …

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SEGA Genesis Handheld Game Player and Classic Game Console with Pre-installed 80 Games

AtGames this week will launch two new video game consoles such as SEGA Genesis Handheld Game Player and SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console. It is worth noting that both platforms will come with pre-loaded 80 games to celebrate 25th birthday of Sonic the Hedgehog games. SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console under AtGames production and it still brings nostalgic design, cashew-shaped …

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Fuze Tomahawk F1 Hybrid Game Console of PS4 and Xbox One: Coming Soon

The Chinese Electronics firms named Fuze Entertainment China has unveiled a new gaming console – Fuze Tomahawk F1, with the familiar design of PS4 while its wireless controller quite similar to the Xbox One. Additionally, the user interface of the device is also similar to Sony consoles. The Tomahawk F1 is running Android operating system, is powered by Nvidia a 2.2 GHz …

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24k Gold plated Analogue Nt NES Priced at $4,999, Limited 10 Units

Analogue Interactive has recently unveiled a 24k Gold plated Analogue Nt NES console, limited 10 units to celebrate the Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary.   The Legend of Zelda is the most famous game on NES and the 24k Gold plated Analogue Nt NES priced at $4,999 USD. This new 24k version basically has no different than the aluminum unibody …

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