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Kinera H3 Review

Kinera H3 Sound

We’ve been slowly falling in love with this Kinera H3 earphones. The Kinera brand range is elegant, refined, and immensely underrated, in our opinion. When talking about the BD005, we’ve seen nothing but pure quality in design and performance. The Kinera H3 hybrid in-ears combines the fantastic concept of custom style semi-translucent housing and removable cable system that we saw …

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Bosshifi B3 Review: Wooden Hybrid Headphones

BOSSHIFI Earphones

We’re no strangers to the advantages of hybrid-driver technology in earphones, having reviewed Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD hybrid headphones, the next pair of dual-driver hybrid in-ears Bosshifi B3 review. This system makes use of dynamic as balanced armature drivers to create elaborate sound. Inside the Box A total of six ear-tips are included in the box, including doubled-flanged and foam …

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VJJB N1 Review: Premium Headphones in Budget

Some of the foremost fun audio product we’ve used over the past year have returned from a little known Chinese brand that few folks have even detected of. Quite presumably the best-built in-ear headphones we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, the VJJB N1 headphones outlined precisely what premium meant. The N1 was innovative earphones that offered distinctive transparent design, interchangeable …

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Kinera BD005 is a Budget Hybrid Headphones

Kinera BD005

The vast majority of headphones and earphones today use dynamic drivers to push out sound. Some higher-end models have balanced armature drivers, which use magnetism to deliver powerful sound from within much smaller casings. The Kinera BD005 hybrid headphones combined a single balanced armature driver with a single dynamic driver in each casing. The Kinera BD005 hybrid in-ear headphones come …

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