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GTA V: Thanos Mod now Available to Download for Free

Thanos Mod GTA V

The Thanos mod for GTA V is available for download. Players can then wander the streets of Los Santos playing the role of Thanos that with his Infinity Glove will sow death and destruction by throwing meteors and emitting beams of energy. You can also create portals to teleport from one side of the city to another, steal people’s souls …

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OnePlus 6x Marvel Avengers Edition Confirmed in Video Teaser

OnePlus 6x Marvel Avengers Edition

OnePlus continues to hold a high interest in its next flagship, publishing a video teaser dedicated to the OnePlus 6x limited edition of the smartphone inspired by the movie Avengers: Infinity War. The video teaser mentions the variant will be called the OnePlus 6x Marvel Avengers Edition, and it’s not certain the ‘x’ will be retained in its name by …

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition officially Launched

Today Samsung has officially released Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition version. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition with a very beautiful appearance, its box is also very beautiful and bigger than the box of the normal version because the company has bundled a wireless docking station and a transparent protective cover for S6 Edge. This special …

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