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AllCall W1 Attractive Design Meet Your All Expect in Smart Watch

AllCall W1

AllCall has just announced a professional smart watch – AllCall W1, and official spread it’s an independent 3G smartwatch phone. Of course, smart watch as a practical device also has decorative effects to show the business or fashionable charisma, so appearance design is an important factor when we choosing a smart watch. So here, let me have a look at …

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AllCall W1 Smartwatch Phone Official Released

AllCall W1 Smartwatch Phone

AllCall is really working hard on their product lines this year, from hot Rio series smartphone to now upcoming new product: AllCall first smartwatch phone – AllCall W1. AllCall on the road to develop more gadgets to meet market needs and trends, and now the AllCall Company have confirmed the W1 official specification. Get one AllCall W1 Smartwatch phone, means …

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