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AllCall MIX 2 With 2K FullView Display, AR and Would Packing 8GB + 256GB Storage!

allcall mix 2

The biggest and most obvious trend in smartphones right now is the effort to eliminate the bezel, or frame, that surrounds a phone’s display. The goal is to create a feeling that you’re only holding a screen in your hand, and there’s nothing else to distract you from what’s being displayed on that screen. Established players like Samsung S8 and …

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Four Curved Screen AllCall Madrid Specifications Released

AllCall Madrid Specifications

AllCall Madrid is the latest piece of AllCall brand and the phone is once again a pretty unique one design-wise. And today AllCall have announced the release date will be around the end of this month, also the official specification first revealed, so you can check out yourself how the balanced combination of performance and beautiful looks as well as …

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AllCall Rio Pro Flagship Vision Will Reach IP68 Certification

AllCall Rio Pro

AllCall released AllCall Rio, Rio S and sold a lot. So AllCall continues to develop Rio Series to meet more users. Two months ago, we heard that AllCall will release AllCall Rio upgrade vision that will reach the IP68 protection rank. Now we have informed of further information that AllCall Rio flagship vision. Is coming. And the Rio flagship vision …

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The Appearance of AllCall Rio S First Exposure to Public

AllCall Rio S

Today we get a first look at the AllCall Rio S, the Chinese phone maker’s upcoming budget phone. As we can see in the photo below the AllCall Rio S sports 3D curved screen and delicate metal frame. From the picture, we can see Rio S different from the last device-Rio, this time Rio S adopting 5.5-inch screen, but it …

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AllCall Rio Quick Review: All-around Use Experience

Allcall Rio Specifications

The AllCall Rio caught the attention of phone users all over the world with a radical new design, and use of premium materials. When the Rio was in the planning stages, Rio went for a new approach from the phone itself, to even the packaging and accessories, it has been more than three weeks from AllCall Rio presale activity, may …

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AllCall Rio will Pack Full View 3D Curved screen like Samsung?

3D Curved screen

Do you have seen many rumors and information about AllCall Rio? Curved screen, dual cameras these hot gimmicky makes AllCall Rio attracted much attention these days. Many rumor spread that AllCall Rio will bring big breakthrough in appearance design, may be the most beautiful Smartphone recently. Official information just public that AllCall Rio will make some change in design than …

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AllCall Rio Specifications Revealed, Break border, Dual vision experience

AllCall Rio Specifications

These two days, we have to get some information about the AllCall will release a new product which called AllCall Rio. If you have seen the picture of AllCall Rio on these day’s AllCall Rio information, you may know, AllCall Rio will have a big breakthrough in appearance design. Today AllCall Mobile released official AllCall Rio Specifications to the public: …

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AllCall Bro with 8GB RAM: Upgrade Version Will Catch Your Breath Again

AllCall Bro 8GB RAM

The AllCall Bro has been released for a few weeks already, from the official data- AllCall Bro online presale data exceed 80.000, one of its attributions that caught the greatest attention is the harmony of a very appealing design and a great feeling when holding it in the hand. This, together with the balanced hardware specifications and the outstanding dual …

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AllCall Will Publish The Next King of Cost-effective: AllCall Rio

AllCall Rio

Shenzhen Allcall technology Co., Ltd as innovative and experience abundant Smartphone manufacturer always in the way to create more advanced and popular phones and devices for customers. Recently, AllCall Bro as AllCall company latest released products, competitive price and excellent performance of metal body and rear dual cameras get good and high feedback in the market. AllCall didn’t stop to …

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Photos Taken by AllCall Bro are Exposed First Time

AllCall Bro

About Allcall Bro pre-sale information spread everywhere and the pre-sale activity start from 24th April, by now it has passed one week, we guess many Allcall Bro Smartphone fans may get the phone already, so how about your feeling when you get the “hot rumor” phone in hand? As we get more information about new AllCall mobile phone is packed …

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