Sony SBH54 Review: Bluetooth Headset with Compact design and Long Battery Life

Sony SBH54 Bluetooth Headset comes with a quite worthwhile upgrade. Used to answer a call, one touch NFC connectivity, LED display, FM radio and much more, but the most recognizable thing is its appearance, compact design certainty smoother than the previous Sony Bluetooth Handset. At the same time, water resistance body and especially the ability to vibrate. The Sony SBH54 Bluetooth Headset priced at $103.99 at Amazon store. Let’s see Sony SBH54 review below and discover what it has to offer.Sony SBH54 Review


The device has a modern and luxurious metal body design when compared to the previous Sony SBH52. Instead same shape as SBH52, SBH54 version to be made ​​more compact, a bit thicker and convenient to put on the ear.Sony-SBH54-Review

This Sony SBH54 bluetooth headset is quite versatile, speakerphone on the front and 3.5mm jack on top panel, allowing us to have more options when receiving incoming calls. There is also LED display to indicates song information, battery status, FM radio, or the cell phone number of the caller which makes quite comfortable for users.

The control keys are arranged in a side portion of the headset. From start to end, we have a call receive button, back and forward; play / pause button, and call reject button. The button looks a bit small but made prominent and quite easy to press. After a some tome user will familiar with the location of the buttons without having to take a few seconds to think. On the other side, we have the volume up and down button, which is also quite easy to use and not be confused with other buttons.Sony-SBH54-Bluetooth-Headset

At the back, a simple power button to turn or off the headset and like the previous version, we have a clip to hang the headphones on the collar of the shirt, a hands-free talk. One touch NFC connectivity, a common standard feature on the Sony headphones.

It weighs only 18.6 grams, Sony SBH54 can say very lightweight, allowing us to clip on many different locations without any worry such as on shirt, t-shirt, try to clip it in many different positions and remain fixed in the same position pretty well.


The speakerphone has turned into a miniature device. When there is an incoming call, we simply need to put it on hands and hold to chat or also clipped to shirt for ease. The display helps you to provide information about the caller, and you can decide to whether answer or reject the call. User can also use the headphones to answer the call when travelling or struggling with the traffic.Sony-SBH54-Bluetooth-Headset-Review-1

The headset has very loud speaker, when applied to the ear, the voice on the other side being quite clear, very convenient for long conversation. The SBH54 use as a miniature phone, wear it over a shirt.

When someone called, SBH54 will vibrate, quite strong vibrating which is easily recognised by users. During the conversation, the ​​mic is working quite well. A caller on the other end is easily receiving full talk. However, a minus point of the SBH54 his response time when receives a call, it takes around 1 or 2 seconds to be streamed call from the phone to the headset.


Finally, I would like to consider the main perspective of the SBH54 wireless headphones. Comes with the mic and speaker, but there is also standard 3.5 mm in-ear headphones with silicon ear-buds. But it would not to be meant to listen music, specifically not for any music enthusiasts.Sony-SBH54

The SBH54 in-ear headphones has the ability to play music at an acceptable level. Bass are not enough to express rock music, but low-mid-bass part was okay. Treble power is enough and very glad that no glare. But the experience can be very different for each person.


To talk more, a relatively long lasting battery, suitable for talkative people. When plugged in via the microUSB port, the screen lights up, the battery icon will run with it. In personal, the Sony SBH54 Bluetooth Headset will last up to more than 5 days with moderate usage. The company said, it can deliver continuous talk time up to 4 hours, music playback time up to 8 hours and standby time up to 300 hours.

Final line:

The Sony SBH54 Bluetooth Headset comes with beautiful compact and luxury design. Quite loud speakerphone along with 3.5 headset and strong vibration feedback. It is a worthy upgrade with water-resistant body to protect against rain and splashes and of course long battery life. Not much to complain against the Sony SBH54 except incoming call response time and not all languages are supported.

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  1. Compare it to SBH52 please. SBH52 is nice but very buggy. It frequently gets disconnected and requires me to restart the device to use again. Music output is excellent and you get very good sound with a good headphone. But the buggy nature makes SBH52 very unreliable. Call quality without plugging in the headphones is poor and mic is also not very good for SBH52 as there is lot of background echo.
    Would like to know if SBH54 has addressed these issues.

  2. I’ve just bookmarked this page, great internet site!

  3. One of the superb items i’ve seen this week.

  4. It seems to me that this item would be more popular and that there would be more conversation about it. I don’t believe Walmart or Costco or Bestbuy sells it. Even here there is no response to an inquiry from 2015. I am one who loves the concept of this device but also hesitant to spend the money for something that may not be reliable or operate well enough to satisfy me. The radio is definitely a plus if it works and since phones are so large now and I don’t really want to constantly wear headset around all the time, this is just so appealing in concept to me.

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