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Smart LED Light Bulbs: Home Automation and Smart Home

Smart lighting is a branch of home automation that allows you to manage and program all the smart LED Light Bulbs in our home remotely! We see the best ones to buy.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Lighting is perhaps one of the first steps to be taken when talking about Home Automation because thanks to these smart devices you can manage the led bulbs in an intelligent and fun way at your home and in this article, we will guide you to the discovery of this technology!

With the enormous progress made in this field, it is not difficult to find light sources such as light bulbs, LED, neon (and so on and so forth) that are attentive to consumption. But that does not mean that they are also smart – intelligent – and that is why we will soon introduce you to the world of smart lighting, and then we will see the best LED light bulbs for home to buy!

Smart Lighting: What you need to know

If you are thinking of converting the lighting of your house – or some of its rooms – there are some details that you should know before you dive headfirst into the following paragraphs and see which are the best smart lighting devices.

These LED light bulbs, in fact, are called smart light bulb because they can be controlled manually, remotely or independently.

There are broadly two types of smart bulbs, depending on the use that you want to do: bulbs without HUB and bulbs with HUB. A HUB is a central control station – to be purchased separately or in a kit – that connects to all the smart bulbs you have at home (and which are compatible with the HUB). By connecting to it – even remotely – with a simple app, you can control and program all the lighting!
The bulbs without HUB instead, have an internal component that allows them to be controlled remotely via a smartphone (or a special accessory) without having to buy an external HUB. This solution is obviously less expensive, but it is inconvenient if you need to make a lighting made of 3 or more smart bulbs!

smart home lighting

In short, we will soon guide you to purchase lighting solutions with or without HUB, depending on your needs. But it will not be that difficult to find kits – in addition to bulbs and HUB – integrate additional accessories such as wireless remote controls or motion sensors to turn on the light when you go in and off when you’re not there.

And it does not end here: Home automation also means “interconnection” between smart devices in your homes! Many smart LED light bulbs, in fact, will be compatible with a Smart Home voice assistant (such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home) that allow you to control the lighting with a simple voice command: in short, welcome to the future!

Best LED Light Bulbs to Buy

In this section, we will guide you in purchasing smart lighting devices. As mentioned in the introduction, you can find smart LED Light Bulbs that do not have HUB, so we decided to split the paragraph according to the manufacturers of these devices to keep order and make reading easier and more intuitive.


[amazon box=”B01HXM8XF6″ /]

The first brand from which we want to start – to stay in a low price range – is TP-link: this brand offers many smart LED bulbs that do not need HUB to be controlled remotely! Everything is manageable through a simple smartphone app, and this allows prices much lower. To be mentioned then, compatibility with Smart Home like Amazon Alexa and Google Home!


[amazon box=”B01N2TVDYQ” /] [amazon box=”B01N7I56OE” /] [amazon box=”B071211VP8″ /] [amazon box=”B079ZLHQM9″ /]

Smart Home is the name that Sengled has given to its HUB for remote control of lighting, and that can manage in all respects up to 4 devices (compatible with Sengled). There are many different types of lights with different shades and shapes including Element Classic Kit, Element Plus Kit, Element Classic BR30 Kit, Element Color Plus Kit and more.

Philips Hue

[amazon box=”B071YXBZP5″ /] [amazon box=”B016AEHV24″ /] [amazon box=”B00UVHAC1O” /] [amazon box=”B0167H33DU” /] [amazon box=”B07354SP1C” /]

Philips is by far one of the best brands for home automation, and it is no less as far as smart lighting is concerned! There are many kits available and many of them include the Philips Hue HUB – one of the most reliable in circulation – that can connect all Philips lighting devices. Obviously, there are also cheaper solutions (without HUB), as you can see above, but which still include a remote control.
Thanks to the HUB, however, you can connect many different devices, including the elegant lightstrip LED smart light, the Ambiance Starter Kit or the more complete 5-in-1 kits. Obviously, it does not lack compatibility with Smart Home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home: in short, you are spoiled for choice!

Best-selling Smart LED Light Bulbs on Amazon

In the end, let’s take a quick look at Amazon’s best-selling smart LED light bulbs! Specifically, below you can see a list of the top 10 best-selling devices on Amazon; attention, however, the fact that they are the best sellers does not mean that they are the best to buy!

led light bulbs for home

For each of them are indicated some information such as price, status (to see if it is currently on offer) and the type of shipping. The devices marked with the “Prime” logo benefit from the Amazon Prime treatment, with which you can receive your package with free and fast shipping! Here’s the list:

[amazon bestseller=”smart led bulb” items=”10″]

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