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Samsung, Panasonic and Fox Together for HDR10+

20th Century Fox, Panasonic Corporation, and Samsung Electronics have signed a partnership to promote the HDR10 + format.


HDR10+ stands out from the basic HDR10 format, for using dynamic metadata (such as Dolby Vision). Metadata is the information that is used for TVs, monitors, and projectors to handle content in HDR. With HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping, every scene is individually enhanced to bring to life vibrant visuals and achieve unprecedented picture quality. This new enhanced visual experience will allow consumers to see pictures that match the intention of filmmakers.

Fox, Panasonic, and Samsung will together create the entity that will license the HDR10+ platform from January 2018. The concession will be provided, free of charge, to content distributors, UHD TV producers, Blu-ray players/recorders, set-top boxes, and SoC dealers. A royalty-free service with only a nominal administrative fee.


Jongsuk Chu, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said:

“As leaders in home entertainment content and hardware, the three companies are ideal partners for bringing HDR10+ into the homes of consumers everywhere. We are committed to making the latest technology available in our TVs and are confident that HDR10+ will deliver premium quality content and enhance the way you experience television programs and movies in the home.”

Danny Kaye, 20th Century Fox Executive Vice President, and Fox Innovation Lab’s General Manager added:

“HDR10+ is a technological step forward that optimizes picture quality for next generation displays. HDR10+ provides dynamic metadata, which precisely describes every scene to deliver unprecedented picture quality. Working in partnership with Panasonic and Samsung through the Fox Innovation Lab, we are able to bring new platforms like HDR10+ to the market that more accurately realize the vision of our filmmakers beyond the theater.”

Yuki Kusumi, Managing Director of Panasonic, said:

“Panasonic has a long history of working with industry leaders to develop lasting technical formats. We are delighted to work together with 20th Century Fox and Samsung to develop a new HDR format, which will bring consumers so many benefits. By offering considerable HDR picture quality improvements across a wider range of TVs while accelerating the amount of premium HDR content available, we expect HDR10+ to quickly become the de facto HDR format.”


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