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Radial Engineering HotShot 48V: Toggle Switch for Condenser Microphones

Radial Engineering is showing the HotShot 48V Toggle Switch for a condenser microphone. With a push toggle buttons you can redirect mic signal to communicate with band members and technicians.

Radial Engineering HotShot 48V

The microphone switcher footswitch is specially designed for use with condenser microphones, but dynamic microphones can also be used with it. One XLR input, two XLR outputs (A and B) – that’s what the HotShot 48V brings. As the name suggests, the Toggle Switch provides phantom power for condenser microphones, however, the operation with dynamic microphones equally possible.

The footswitch on the top forwards the incoming signal to either output A or B, so you can communicate with the technicians or the band without being disturbed. If the second output is not used, you simply mute when changing. The LED indicators display the active output, and the footswitch itself can be configured for latching or momentary action. Either you use it as an A/B switch or you only change the output channels while the footswitch is being operated by you. There is also a button on the back for activating the ground lift.

Toggle Switch for Condenser Microphones

Passive audio switchers occasionally create an audible pop during switching that can be heard through the PA system, disrupting the performance. The HotShot 48V employs active circuitry and a time delay microcontroller for silent switching under any conditions, allowing you to use condenser or dynamic microphones with no noise whatsoever.

Price and availability

Radial Engineering HotShot 48V Toggle Switch is now available to pre-order through the store for $249.99 and shipping expected on June 16, 2020.

Earlier this year, Mackie has introduced two EleMent Series USB microphone: Mackie EM-USB Condenser Microphone and Mackie EM-89D Vocal Microphone.

The EM-USB USB microphone comes with a tripod stand, clip, cable, and priced at $149.99. The EM-89D is a vocal microphone offering for clear reproduction of vocals and instruments in live stage applications, studio recording, and priced at 69.99.

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