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QKZ KD8 Review: Dual Drivers Earphones for Budget Audiophile

The QKZ KD8 features transparent design and comes with a robust plastic case. Each earpiece of the QKZ KD8 has dual unit drivers – a dynamic driver that manages the bass and lower mids. Let’s walkthrough the QKZ KD8 review and see if QKZ’s newest earphones are a worthy addition to its arsenal.

QKZ KD8 Review

QKZ KD8 Design and Comfort

Ever since it broke onto the scene a few years ago, QKZ has constantly been improving the design and build quality of its products. The QKZ KD8 is a higher variant of the KD7, but it is easy to recognize the difference in design and build quality – they are very similar in terms of comfort and isolation, however, the shapes of the housings are quite different.

Despite being made from plastic – which is quite acceptable from its pricing point of view, but it still looks and feels extremely premium. These earphones do not feel cheap in any way. In fact, every element exudes quality, from the L-shaped, gold-plated headphone jack to the elegantly designed housings.

QKZ KD8 price

The KD8 ships with a regular one cable with a 3.5mm jack, but delivers a more neutral and detailed sound. The cardboard box also contains a plastic hard case for storage – which is also of high-quality. It comes in two options – inline remote with a mic or without remote is a major letdown, located on the right earpiece’s cable.

The compactness and ergonomic shape of the earpiece housings result in a nice, comfortable fit. QKZ bundles a two size of ear tips which offer enhanced isolation and comfort would have more extra ear tips, but their absence is excusable given the KD8’s relatively affordable price – for dual-driver earphones, that is.

QKZ KD8 Performance

Low-frequency range: the bass is biting, with a good rate of rising and fall, but the development of the sub-bass leaves much to be desired. In some compositions, LF is clearly not enough. Needs a little adjustment, the selection of ear tips will help, but personally, our opinion, if you are a bassheads or modern music lover, it’s better to pass by these earphones.

Mid-range: Detailing is quite normal, the vocals are not crushed, it sounds very natural and believable. Guitar solos are heard in detail without any dump. QKZ KD8 is surprisingly good at dealing with metal and allows you to easily isolate individual instruments even in very fast tracks.

High-frequency range: smooth, soft and pleasant, because of the lack of bass sound is too light, but not cutting hearing. The plates sound without a metallic tint. In general, high-frequency headphones play out without obvious flaws.

Final line

The KD8 aims to please the budget audiophile community who demand to hear music at an affordable price. The KD8, however, is one of a rare breed that manages to deliver deep and resounding bass without heavily compromising the rest of the frequencies.

For that reason alone, the QKZ KD8 is well worth its $10 price tag – can be purchased on Alixpress or Amazon. Adding to its appeal, it is built well, comfortable, and comes with a hard plastic case. Purists might find the bass slightly low at times, and the remote is difficult to use, but those looking for an entry point into the budget audiophile world will find that the QKZ KD8 is hard to beat.

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