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PS4 Headphones: Which One I Should Choose?

We can’t neglect the audio part during the serious gaming. High-Quality headphones can really make the difference.

best ps4 headphones

Are you multi-player gamers and do you love playing with the console? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you can not want to discover the best models of PS4 headphones. When playing online games so many times you need to communicate with team members or pay attention to background noise, the speakers integrated into the TV may not be enough.

Precisely for this reason, today we offer a guide to the best models of PS4 headphones available online. Fortunately, there are many products available and you’ll be spoiled for choice. We will try to recommend only the best ones so that you can always enjoy perfect sound in any condition.

Best PS4 Headphones: Which One I Should Choose?

Choosing the PS4 headphones to play in appearance may seem really easy. In reality, there are so many models available that choosing the one that best suits your use could be more complicated than expected.

Precisely for this reason, in the next paragraphs, we will propose the best models that we have identified for you, both high-end and more accessible at the price level.

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

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If you are looking for the best headphones for PS4, Arctis Pro is currently the perfect solution for gaming lovers. Available both in the wireless and with cable, they adapt perfectly to the needs of most users.

Both versions support Hi-Res audio and allow you to fine-tune both the equalizer and the surround mode. To communicate during the game there is an integrated microphone, with a crystalline sound, far ahead of the competition. Last good news is the possibility to make them work perfectly without using extra software.

2. HyperX HX-HSCRS-GM / EM

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The HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headset is very much about versatility. Thanks to three different types of inputs, in fact, they are compatible with most of the platforms currently on the market. The simplicity of use then is guaranteed by the plug-and-play, which allows you to connect immediately to your PlayStation 4 without the need to download any program.

The audio quality is really high, with a brilliant sound and always clean, a feature much appreciated by those who play multiplayer games. To further improve the experience we think of virtual surround and an equalizer that offers a wide range of adjustments. A really good choice if you’re looking for high-performance PS4 headphones.

3. Astro Gaming A50

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If the price is the least of your worries, the Astro Gaming A50 PlayStation 4 headphones have a lot to offer. It is a product among the best around, equipped with 7.1 virtual surrounds, with a very solid design and sports lines, perfect for gamers.

As can be expected from such a product, the technical features are first class and see the presence of auto power off, fast wireless connection and a long battery life. Recommended for those looking for a high-quality model and is willing to spend a very high figure.

4. Corsair HS50

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Are you looking for PS4 headphones that despite having an affordable price, guarantee good performance? This is precisely the case of Corsair HS50, whose qualities are easily comparable to products which cost doubles.

Of course, there is no 7.1 virtual surround, but the stereo mode is really high-level and allows you to correctly capture the position of the sounds in a certain space. Also excellent microphone, very invasive and detachable from the body of the headphones. This will allow you to use them without particular problems even with the best smartphones to listen to music.

5. SteelSeries Arctis 7

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A close relative of the model that we have just seen, this PS4 headset is an excellent alternative for those looking for a good quality product. One of the prominent features is certainly given by the battery, above the average for this type of headphones, as well as possessing a microphone that always transmits a clear and well audible sound.

As for the audio sector, we find support for DTS Headphone: X, a sound enhancement that does not go unnoticed when it comes to headphones for PlayStation. Comfortable fit on the head, which does not tire even after long sessions of play.

6. Razer Kraken Pro

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Razer has always been a well-known brand among gamers, offering quality products with a truly out-of-the-box look. These are the testimonials of these PS4 headphones, which are also available in more sober colors, such as white and black.

Excellent construction quality, as well as the sound, which perhaps finds its only weak point in the medium tones, a bit too pasty compared to competitors. Of course, forget the 7.1 virtual surround, but the quality is still high.

7. Asus ROG Strix Fusion 500

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If you are a gamer with an unusual passion for RGB LEDs, Asus will certainly be able to settle with this model of PS4 headphones. With a truly futuristic design, which is very much like science fiction games, this model fits perfectly with your gaming sessions.

Without a doubt the 7.1 virtual surround, which guarantees a truly extraordinary game immersion. The only drawback, if one can say so, is the availability of a single model with a micro USB cable.

8. Afterglow AG9 +

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You can not give up the wireless connection for your headphones, but you are not going to spend dizzying figures? In this case, we advise you to take a look at this product made by Afterglow, which manages to keep a low price.

However, this is not a cheap model, on the contrary, the performance and technical characteristics are standard, also thanks to a microphone with a clean sound that can be easily detached from the body. Also good construction quality: you will hardly encounter problems from this point of view.


At the moment, our analysis of the best PS4 headphones ends here. The models we have presented to you are more or less suitable for all budgets and offer different performances. Our advice is to evaluate the purchase according to your real needs.

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