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PC Power Supply: Purchase Guide

How to choose a PC power supply for your computer? What characteristics must be taken into account so as not to make mistakes? Here are our tips.

pc power supply unit

The PC power supply is surely one of the fundamental components of a Desktop configuration. Choosing a quality power supply unit is essential to make the difference between a well-executed system and one that suffers from crashes and failures at boot. Worse, cheap generic models can literally explode or burn, causing serious harm to the person and the environment.

For this reason, we are here to give you some advice on what are the most reliable brands of PC power supplies and, above all, the features to always have in mind.

How to choose a PC Power Supply?

Suddenly the Computer power supply no longer works? Then it is necessary to replace it with a new model. It is essential to choose very carefully a power supply for your computer. In fact, it is one of the most imported components in a Desktop configuration. A poor quality power supply can ruin other components such as motherboard, processor and graphics card. A good quality power supply, on the other hand, will make your build long-lasting and reliable.

Each generation of PC components has its own energy needs, but in general, everything is reduced to two main factors: the total power expressed in Watt (W), which is nothing but the maximum possibilities offered by the power supply, and the power voltage indicated in Volt (V).

Power of the PC Power Supply

The overall power, often commonly referred to as watt, indicates the total power a system needs to function properly. There are several online sites that allow you to calculate how much power you need. We recommend using the MSI online tool, which allows you to find the perfect PC power supply for your needs.

The most important thing to remember is that you are questioning the amount of power needed for large units to easily work, so it is advisable not to buy an undersized power supply, as you may have serious problems with your configuration.

The voltage indicates the power they need some computer components such as graphics cards that may require a + 12V power supply. This factor is especially important for those who intend to overclock and have to calculate well if the power supply they choose will be up to the task.

PC Power Supply Efficiency

Power supplies are often evaluated in terms of efficiency expressed as a percentage, and the other is simply the ratio between output power and input power. In other words, it is the amount of energy that comes in relation to the amount of energy used by the PC components.

It must be considered that part of the efficiency and is also influenced by the heat. The evaluation of the energy efficiency of a power supply is certified by 80 Plus, which often performs measurements with different loads of the maximum power of the power supply and issues certifications based on the results obtained.

If we take a power supply with 500 Watt and 80% efficiency, 625 Watt will be absorbed but will be transformed into 125 Watt heat (or 625 -500, therefore the remaining 20%).

So it is very important to choose power supplies with good efficiency and always keep in mind the heat factor that each component can emanate. In any case, tools like those listed above can help a lot.

Non-modular, Semi-modular or Modular Power Supply

There are three types of power supplies: modular, semi-modular and non-modular. The substantial difference consists of the modular power supply guarantees more order in the case because it is possible to use and connect only the necessary cables, disconnecting the useless ones. The non-modular power supplies, as you may have already guessed, offer the same performance as modular units, but do not allow you to disconnect any cables. Finally, modular seeds are a middle way between modular and non-modular.

Where to buy a PC Power Supply?

Power supplies can be found in electronic stores and at any e-commerce site dedicated to electronics. In this guide, we offer you the purchase directly from the Amazon store, as you can take advantage of an excellent service and technical assistance offered by the company.

Budget PC Power Supply

Corsair CX450M

[amazon box=”B01B72VXE6″ /]

The Corsair CX450M is a semi-modular power supply that provides basic efficiency. It features a 450 W power and 80 Plus Bronze certification. This model is especially indicated for budget configurations that do not require excessive energy consumption. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 120 mm silent fan with automatic regulation based on the temperature. The wiring system allows you to use the cables you deem appropriate, without taking up valuable space inside the case.

Seasonic S12II 430W

[amazon box=”B002A17OG0″ /]

Seasonic has always produced excellent power supplies for computers of various powers. As a low-end model, we propose the S12II 430W model, suitable for feeding a budget configuration. Belonging to the lower end does not mean being a poor quality power supply. The wattage it is equipped with bits of help to keep a very low price. This power supply is equipped with 80 Plus Bronze certification, synonymous with reliability and efficiency. In addition, there is a 120 mm fan that keeps temperatures always optimal.

Mid-range PC Power Supply

SilverStone 500W SFX-L

[amazon box=”B00SD9IORQ” /]

Are you looking for a completely modular, compact, efficient and silent power supply? Then the SilverStone 500W SFX-L is the model that is definitely made for you. This model in SFX format is specially designed for compact and mid-range configurations. It is 80 Plus Gold certified, superior to the Bronze certification, which makes it more efficient than the low-end models. In addition, there is a 120 mm silent fan. Despite being in SFX format, it is also possible to adapt it perfectly to the ATX power supply configurations thanks to the special accessories present in the sales package.

Corsair RM550X

[amazon box=”B015YEICJ2″ /]

This Corsair RM550X is one of the best power supplies with a 550W power. It is 80 Plus Gold certified and is mainly dedicated to mid-range configurations that need a good power supply. The certification it is equipped with guarantees a reduction in heat production and a considerable increase in efficiency levels. This is a fully modular power supply with a silent fan that produces no noise.

Seasonic Focus SSR-750FX

[amazon box=”B073GWKDVM” /]

If you are looking for the best mid-range model, you should opt for this Seasonic Focus Plus. It is undoubtedly one of the best PC power supplies with a 750W power. This model is especially dedicated to configurations that consume a lot of energy, such as high-end ones. Of course, it is 80 Plus Gold certified and 92% efficient. It is perfectly compatible with the ATX power supply configurations and is equipped with a 120 mm fan that allows you to constantly maintain optimal temperatures. Furthermore, it is also an excellent power supply for gaming PCs.

High-end Power Supply

SilverStone SSR-850PD

[amazon box=”B075M5CPM1″ /]

It is a completely modular power supply with an 850W power output. This SilverStone model is mainly dedicated to configurations that require high energy consumption. It is 80 Plus Platinum certified, which gives it high efficiency compared to the models with a Gold certification. The peculiar feature of this power supply is the form factor. Despite being an ATX model, it still manages to keep extremely compact dimensions.

Corsair HX1000i1

[amazon box=”B00M2UINT6″ /]

Do you need a power supply for gaming PCs? Then you must undoubtedly aim for this Corsair HX1000i. This model, in particular, is indicated exclusively for the most demanding configurations that need a lot of power to be fed correctly. The Corsair HX1000i is one of the best power supplies available on the market today. It has 1000W power and 80 Plus Platinum certification, synonymous with extreme efficiency up to 94%. It is completely modular and this allows you to better manage the cables within your configuration.

Through the dedicated software, you can control this Corsair power supply performance, efficiency, and speed of the fan from Windows which it is equipped.

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