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Nintendo Switch SDK Leaked Online: Increases Piracy Risk

Nintendo Switch SDK (Software Development Kit) has been leaked online and due to this, Kyoto house could be in trouble.

Nintendo Switch SDK

For obvious reasons, we did not know the name of the person who leaked the Nintendo Switch SDK online, making it accessible for all and this could cause a significant damage to the Kyoto house.

The Software Development Kit is the program used by software houses to create games and to get it is not simple: to get the SDK, the development teams have to show their prototype in the first place, and then wait for the Nintendo’s approval that is not always positive. The waiting time can also be very long and even in months waiting.

However, someone managed to steal the SDK and decided to publish it on the net, made available to anyone and also to any malicious users who, analyzing the software, could find flaws not yet discovered to be used for illegal practices.

At the moment Nintendo has not yet issued any official statements about what happened, however, as reported on the Gbatemp portal, the “original” link is no longer available. However, the SDK is still available online via various mirrors and as a result, the Kyoto house will immediately have to run for cover.


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