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New Panasonic 2018 4K LED TV Series With Ultra HD and HDR10+

Panasonic unveiled the new series 2018 4K LED TV at the Panasonic Convention. The focus is mainly on Ultra HD 4K HDR TVs, all compatible with HDR in all three formats: HLG, HDR10 and even HDR10+, the new format with dynamic metadata promoted by Panasonic, Samsung, and Fox.


All new Panasonic 2018 4K LED TV obviously uses LED backlighting and offer improved performance. The Japanese brand speaks above all of a more refined processing of video signals and a more effective management of backlighting. All TVs should be IPS LED Edge except for the 75″ EX780, which would be a VA (LED Edge).

Another new feature that will unite the entire series is supported for the most common voice assistants, introduced during 2018 through a firmware update. There are four Ultra HD LCDs coming out in 2018: FX780, FX740, FX700, and FX600. The brightness peaks are about 20% higher than previous models.

Excellent news for all lovers of fun entertainment video: TV sets are equipped with the 4K Game Mode, developed to guarantee the lowest input lag ever offered by Panasonic. The benefits, also found with HDR content, have been achieved through a very fast video processing, so as not to heavily influence the response times to commands. And all TV models are featured My Home Screen 3.0 Smart TV platform.

Panasonic FX780

There are four models available: 49″, 55″, 65″ and 75″. Panasonic used the Art & Interior design: on the front, there is a single glass sheet that covers the entire panel. The frame is silver and even the back is taken care of in detail, with compartments that hide all the entrances. Therefore, the TV can be seen at 360 degrees.

The panel is called 4K HDR Pro Cinema Display and Super Bright Panel, a phrase that indicates the ability to produce high brightness with HDR video. The backlight control is provided by the Local Dimming Pro, a solution that includes the Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming.

The video processor is the Hollywood Cinema Experience that we also find on the 2018 OLED TV series. As for the color spaces, Panasonic claims that the coverage is the widest among the LED LCDs. The motion compensation system operates with 2,200 Hz processing (which does not refer to the panel update frequency).


Panasonic FX740

This model will be available are three: 49″, 55″ and 65″ screen sizes. The design is the same as the FX780 but with a black frame, but some features change, the local dimming is less evolved. In fact, it’s called Local Dimming, without “Pro”) and for the motion compensation, the processing is at 1.600Hz. Rest of the specifications are in common with those of the higher-end TV.


Panasonic FX700

There are three models available: 49″, 55″ and 65″. The main differences between the FX740 and FX700 are aesthetic, the latter’s design is less refined, even if it maintains a certain attention to detail thanks to the reduced thickness of 20% (compared to the 2017 models) and the metal frame. It has a “Switch Design”, which allows the user to adjust the stand to be set to the full width of the TV or used in a narrower setting, according to the width of the table top or cabinet in the home. The rest of the specifications are practically same as reported for the FX740.


Panasonic FX600

The entry-level series of Ultra HD with HDR TVs consists of four models: 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″. The local dimming is replaced by the Adaptive Backlight Dimming Plus (it would suggest software processing), while the motion compensation processes the signal at 1,300 Hz. Also, brings “Switch Design”.


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