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Mophie launches Samsung Galaxy S8 Juice Pack, Priced at $99

Mophie is a brand that is known more for its charging case accessories than the features of the actual device. It is usually seen as a perfect example of how charging cases can be used to increase the juice of your smartphones. Now, Mophie has come up with new Samsung Galaxy S8 Juice Pack that help users in getting more power of their devices.

Mophie Samsung Galaxy S8 Juice pack

Mophie Juice Pack with integrated battery backup inside. When you attach it to the S8 or S8+, it will also provide protection from the impact, it can also charge the phone just as if you plugged it in a spare battery. Although it makes the device less beautiful, but in return, you have more battery life to spend longer. The S8+ / S8 Juice Pack price is $99.95.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Juice Pack has a battery capacity of 2,950mAh (S8 itself has 3000mAh), while the Juice Pack for S8+ has 3,300mAh (S8+ itself has 3,500mAh). With this extra battery life, the usage time of both devices will double with a single charge. After applying Juice Pack, the total thickness of the S8 will be increased, the case its self-has 17.57 mm thickness, while the weight increases by 104.9 grams.

The back of the case has an LED indicator that indicated the remaining battery life and On / Off switch. The Juice Pack connects to the S8 / S8+ via the USB-C port, which is compatible with the Qi wireless charging dock so you will not lose that valuable feature of the S8 / S8+. The bottom edge of the Juice Pack has a hole for the speaker and a USB-C port for charging. When charging, the charger will pre-charge the phone first, then recharge the case.


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