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Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Tenkeyless Keyboard Version Announced

Logitech introduces its new Tenkeyless keyboard, this time the TKL version of the popular Logitech Lightspeed G915 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards. The entire numeric keypad is missing on the right side of the Tenkeyless version, making the gamer keyboard much more compact.

Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Tenkeyless Keyboard

The G915 has been on the market for a while and is a very successful player in Logitech’s gaming division. Now the company is launching a compact version of this wireless gaming keyboard, namely without a numeric keypad. The G915 TKL keyboard thus shrinks by 107 millimeters compared to the normal version to a width of 368 millimeters.

But not only the numeric keypad is no longer required, the special G-keys, which can be found on the left sidebar of the G915, have to be replaced. Furthermore, the profiles no longer switch through the dedicated M1 to M3 keys but are now divided into F1 to F4. The special multimedia controls, on the other hand, have remained; they have slipped a little more to the center from the right, and are located directly above the F9 to F12 keys.

However, the three key feedback options remain available when purchasing: Linear for a soft touch, Tactile for a crisp feeling, and Clicky with an audible keystroke. Logitech’s “LIGHTSPEED wireless” technology also guarantees data transmission at a speed of 1 millisecond with the G915 Tenkeyless keyboard.

As expected, the battery life of the G915 TKL keyboard for gaming has increased from 30 to 40 hours at 100% brightness. If you can do without the lighting, you can even get over 135 days on one battery charge. A full charge only takes four hours and the keyboard can be powered via micro USB during operation.

Price and availability

The Logitech G915 Tenkeyless keyboard variant also has an impact on the price, it is about $20 cheaper than its big brother and is offered on,, and store for $229.99.

The company has also introduced the Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse with gaming-grade performance, versatility, classic design at a great value, priced at $39.88 only.

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